At this day in age, every coupon counts. All coupons/sales affect my purchases every single day. If an item is on sale, I will buy it over a name brand that cost seventy cents more because it isn’t currently on sale. Using coupons not only saves me money but they teach me to use my resources to bargain to get the most for my money. No matter what store I walk into, if there are coupons laid out for customers to use, I will grab them, look for the products pictured on the coupon and use it when I check out at the cash register.

Coupons are secret weapons to a bargain shopper such as myself. You can use coupons on vegetables, canned items, boxed foods, drinks, and health care products.  If an item such as diapers is on sale at the store then I would consider purchasing the diapers, but if they are on sale and I have a coupon for that specific brand of diapers then it is a no brainer that I should purchase them. Sometime coupons can lead people to get carried away and they become hoarders with items they purchased using coupons, but personally I only use coupons if I do not want to overpay for the item I am focused on getting.

Starting when I was only old enough to walk, my parents would tell me to grab coupons out of the coupon machines in every aisle just in case we would need them.  I remember grabbing the coupons and being ecstatic that I had found such a great buy! Then when we approached the item displayed on the little piece of paper in my hand, I would double check all of the information to make sure it matched. Later on when I was nine or ten, I started noticing the little symbol on price tags that said how much per ounce or pound you pay for. Coupons that would get me the lowest amount her ounce were my secrets weapons, and now as a 17 year old, I still use these skills to apply my coupons in all types of stores I shop at.

I appreciate the stores that have their newspaper ads out in front of the door where you walk in so that if you do not get the newspaper at home, you get equal coupon benefits to use in the store that day or that week. The more coupons offered, the more customers the store will have, and the more customers the store has, the more money they make even though people are saving money which each item they buy.  Cutting out coupons or downloading them to your account online, is now a normal assistance to shopping. Coupons that are available to use or designed to catch your eye, will help a customer decide what stores they would like to shop at and at the end of the day the customer feels like they accomplished a goal that was resting on their shoulders.

Sometimes when I have money in my wallet and no plans for the day, I look to see what stores have for sale for the weekend and go out from store to store shopping for good deals. I use coupons to invest in household needs, birthday gifts, school supplies, church inventory, and sometimes to spoil myself. A small advertisement that many people do not think twice about, can change my life decisions one object for sale at a time.

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Coupons have been around as long as the newspaper has been printed.  In the end, coupons have and always will influence all of my purchasing decisions because every penny I save adds up over time making me a very successful and rich kid, adult, or teenager. I am thankful that I have been set up with the skills to go coupon shopping every time I need to make a run for the store.