Any student who has taken the path of full time studies understands the money it requires. Since all of the money seems to funnel from our wallets directly to schooling, one also understands the lack of money that follows for other luxuries. I’m not one to consider food a luxury, especially not when my Crohn’s disease makes my diet so specific, but sometimes fast food is easier to afford. Coupons, however, are god send for getting proper food. They allow for extra pocket money after shopping at the store, and that’s a pleasant surprise for a full time student!  Supplies and text books that can be purchased through coupons are also favorable above paying the nominal fee for a brand new text book only to be used for one year. In the eyes of a student like myself with medical debt up to my knees, I’d say coupons definitely have an influence on me as a magnet has a pull to metal.

A note from us at I’m In:  Katt saves on groceries because she has to – we want you to save on groceries because you want to!  Take a look at the hundreds of grocery coupons that we offer each and every day.