In today’s society it is easy to see that nothing is free. The price of living continues to sky rocket every year and before long, it will be outrageous. People work their lives away for money that is never going to matter once we pass anyway. However, people are beginning to save the majority of their earnings by using a little thing we like to call “couponing.”
Ever since I could talk I can remember my grandmother using coupons. I would ask her for a Snickers and she would talk me into getting a Hershey bar instead. Why would she this? She had a coupon. As I grew up I’d help her clip coupons for everything. However, if it wasn’t on her list of coupons, you didn’t get it.
People enjoy saving money, but in order to do that they tend to sacrifice some of the stuff they really want. They might want Secret deodorant, but too bad; you are on a budget and nd got a coupon for a dollar of Dove deodorant, making it cheaper. Can you guess which one you’ll get? Couponing impacts one’s decision tremendously because this day in time money seems to be eveything.

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