Coupons are a wonderful piece of paper that helps all Americans and other ethnicity’s to get through without wasting there saved up money and the money that was not used is helpful for other personal items. Even though coupons waist up the majority of a person’s time it is very much worth it because it helps you save up all your money and also helps gather plenty of items. Coupons have been proven to be a reliable resource for all citizens, even if people are not financially stable it helps all Americans trying to get there family there personal items to live by. If an American citizen decides not to use coupons it puts there more into debt with other items they want to get by with. The difference between someone who does use coupons and a citizen who doesn’t is very high. Someone who uses coups has actually improved their living situations and has more items to get by. A citizen who doesn’t use coupons has very little amount of items and is not financially stable. Has more of a debt has a harder time to get through there day and life for their family. Coupons are probably one of the most effective qualities a citizen or even anybody can have in the United States. The Unites States has provided a good amount of time and effort to actually help Americas get through. The amount if Americas who don’t use coupons is ridiculous and ignorant who those who refuse to use them. Its ignorance to those who refuse to use them because coupons are a way to help people and when people refuse to use them they are refusing help and who doesn’t want help in life. Ignorant people are the ones who don’t want the help and is why they don’t use coupons. Coupons have been proven to be a reliable resource and the amount of people who don’t use it, is very disappointing. Coupons influence my purchasing decisions because the more coupons I get the less of a struggle it is to use my money for other needs. Coupons are a gift, it’s giving people their money back and it’s free. The beauty of coupons is that there are free and cost nothing to get them and in return the coupons are worth the item people want and cost them absolutely free.

Using coupons reduces payments for items that are worth a fortune when used appropriately. Even though coupons are a necessary object they are very tricky and can fool anybody when not used appropriately. Coupons can only come in handy if people calculate their items and there financially needs rite. If in case they calculate there coupons or orders wrong, it’s very unfortunate because not only did people get there orders wrong but they have lost plenty of money and can be a disappointment to those who can’t afford their items. Coupons are in Americans best benefit if everyone does there part and also knows how to manage them, and knows how to calculate there items and money well. Coupons are the beauty of life and fortune to easy get by in life.

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