“10% OFF!” Did I get your attention? Probably not; However, how about “Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF!” We all recognize that the words “free” leave us hearing the “cha-ching” vibrations in our ears. While we may pick up that beautiful sweater that is slightly over budget, knowing the second is half off, and still put it down; we all know we reach once if not twice when the word “free” is spoken. America has transformed into a society that is cheap and frugal regardless of the economical class in which your paycheck resides.

Flyers often end in the trash from the weekly mail around my community, wasting more then we are using. While this is nothing from the normal, coupons have hit a certain soft spot in our developing society within the last decade. They provide a financial break on the limited bank account figures our young adults possess. While many of us still reach for brand name products because we accept nothing but the best, an increasing number of young adults will certainly think twice, if not definitely reach for the product that is seemingly just as nice as the brand name but at a fraction of the price.

Working as a full time employee at a variety of occupations within my community, I also am pursuing a bachelors of health sciences and a doctorate of physical therapy at Husson University. To ice the cake, I participate on our varsity women’s basketball team that spends countless hours on the court from September to March. This balance of school, work, and the pursuit of a doctoral program leaves me with a limited paycheck, like many my age, and this in turn also leaves me scouring papers, electronic applications, and ads for coupons to lessen the burden. I believe coupons do influence my purchasing decisions within reason. I find myself going into stores in search of items or articles of clothing that begin at 20% off. When a 10% off coupon comes my way, it only gets used when convenient on my end. Electronic coupons prove far more valuable and accessible therefore being used twice as frequently within my generation. I find myself searching more coupons online prior to purchasing an item when the cost of the item is large or when it is from a large, brand name store.

When entering a store with a coupon, I don’t immediately head straight for the item. I often browse on the way to the item and after retrieving the item making the total of my purchase often double if not triple. This is beneficial for the store in the way they lay out their floor plans and items in high demand. This is also beneficial for coupon manufactures and coupon holding websites and applications to recognize that many coupons to the same location or for the same types of products is never a bad thing. It provides variety and choice for the buyer which in turn translates to control. In today’s society, who doesn’t love a little control now and again?

With the turning and transforming of society, it is time that local businesses and sales departments catch up. While supply and demand has always been an accurate way of ensuring sales, the recent changes may over come such a simple sales tactic. Society has moved beyond the days of cutting ads for the weekly trip to the grocery store and towards the most convenient way possible. If people could order their groceries online and have them delivered, you better bet the United States would need many, many more delivery personnel. Finding a “healthier” lifestyle is also an up and coming trend seen across the nation that doesn’t apply to the coupon business. With local farmers markets and online options to order fresh fruit and vegetables even in the colder months of the year, it is quickly down turning to the ability people have to create coupons for such an event. In my opinion, a website to access coupons is a reasonable option; an application at the touch of our electronically turning society, is brilliance. What excuse would one have to not “clip” a coupon at the end of their finger tips?

The I’m In Coupon App makes it easy for you to access coupons for in store savings. The power is in the palm of your hand!