Being a college student, working two jobs and paying rent we are all looking for simple ways to save money on every day expenses, and coupons are the perfect easy way to do so. Stick them in your purse and save $2.00 next time I have to buy that dishwasher fluid we know works the best but it just that much more expensive than its generic counterpart, of course that is going to influence my purchasing decisions. It gives the consumer a sense of the companies really trying to help them out, which can drive them to become regular shoppers, which in turn can kill out the competition.

Coupons can also drive the consumer to try or buy things that they normally wouldn’t, if there is a new product and someone who is looking to save has a coupon for it, why not take the chance and save the extra couple dollars. Coupons also drive competition between stores and brands, If I have a coupon for a Lysol product, why would I buy Pledge? Or if I have coupons for Walgreens, why would I shop at Rite Aid? This can be the case for food as well, if I am mailed a coupon for Arby’s for example, I might choose to stop there on my way home from work as opposed to going home and cooking, it’s faster, easier, and sometimes can be cheaper. In our society it is all about quick and inexpensive means to get what we want. Coupons help along with that inexpensive part, and something that it already inexpensive as it is, such as fast food, coupons can only further along their business.

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Working in retail for the past three years, I know for a fact coupons influence purchasing decisions. I cannot count the number of times someone has angrily walked away from a purchase when told their coupon is expired, not valid on the items they chose, or whatever it may be.  The customer came in possibly with the notion that they needed a few things and the coupon was going to just help it be a little cheaper, but most of the time they were only shopping because they had the coupon to spend. Countless times when a coupon is expired or invalid I have heard customers say something along the lines of “well never mind then, I was only going to get it because I had the coupon”. I have even known customers to get very angry when told their coupon would not work for whatever reason, and on multiple occasions I have been yelled at because of their coupon frustration. They were only going to spend the money on it, if they could spend a few dollars less than they normally would, and without that small clipping of paper, they would not have purchased said product. I know that at my current retail job, we rely on handing out coupons during the busy holiday season so customers are driven to come back during the slower shopping seasons of January through April. We have seen through our sales numbers the differences redeeming those coupons does, and it is a substantial one. Without those coupons those customers would not have come back into our store. These people that shop with their coupons make all the difference for our business, and they might not have if it was not for that coupon.

Coupons drive sales, influence shoppers, and help business along no matter if you work retail, grocery, or fast food.  They are that little incentive for customers to spend just a little bit more, because you know in the long run that coupon will save you money if you spend more today. Coupons piggyback off of our consumerism in order to build business and competition between brands. As well as honestly helping out those that really do need to save those extra couple dollars per grocery item in order to have fully stocked kitchen cabinets.