My family uses coupons whenever we get the chance to. We believe that saving money on items will leave us more money in the end to use on something else or save it. We always compare the items we are wanting so we can get the lower price. For example: toilet paper at Winn Dixie could be cheaper at Walmart. When you are checking out at Winn Dixie they can match the price of Walmart because they want your business and not to go to Walmart because it makes them look 10 times better than they really are. That is called comparing or matching the price. Some stores make you bring in the paper with the price from the other store on there for proof.  Now our family is not an extreme coupon family but we do use them. Coupons could be 50 cents off something but it adds up in the end. It is a great feeling looking at the bottom of the recipient and seeing you saved: however much amount. You will feel like you have accomplished something. If we see something that is pricey and we do not have a coupon then we rethink the situation and say, “Do we really need this? Or can it wait?” When the Sunday newspaper comes in the driveway, my mom goes and starts going through it. Actually today my dad found a coupon for Walgreens on can soda drinks and he called my mom and told her. My parents have taught my sister, brother and me about using coupons so you can buy more. My sister and brother are now married and has a family so they are doing the same thing that my parents taught us growing up. Working for your money is hard so when you go to Walmart for example, you do not want to spend half of your paycheck because you have bills and other expenses to take care of. Some coupons will let you get double the amount for the price of one. We do that a lot like the stuff we use every day we will try to buy more than one at the same time because it will be cheaper. My family is not the richest family in my hometown we are middle class average. One time, my mom wanted me to get on the internet and search for coupons because mom started using coupons a lot during that time. I know once I get older I will use coupons for my family. I actually already use coupons cause I am working off a babysitting budget which is not much these days. Any money we can save, we are going to save. Especially this year because I am about to go off to a 4 year university and physical therapy school, I wish there was a scholarship for that! When I watch the Extreme Coupon show, it is crazy! People take their binders full of coupons and can barely pay anything for their groceries. But in their house, they will have about 10 items of each because the coupons would say 2 for 1 or something like that. I could not handle that much extra stuff in my house. But back to my family, we save so much money using coupons. Extra money we save it could go towards bills or other expenses we do throughout each month. I wonder if the cashiers get tired of people using coupons? They have to process each coupon and sometimes they do not work so you have to get a manager to come over and help the cashier. So yes, coupons do influence my family’s decisions on purchasing items. If people do not use coupons now they should start today!!

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