Coupons are a good way to save money especially when you’re on a budget. They can allow you to buy more for your money, which it is important, and to be able to spread your money as far as it can go. Some people decide not to use coupons, and do not believe that they can benefit you while shopping. Personally, I do believe that they are beneficial, and can help. While growing up my mom always used coupons and took time out to find them and save them much like my grandma did. I look for coupons mostly because it was how I was raised and was taught to sit down and look through them in ads, online, and in coupon books on Sundays as part of our family routine. We -as a family- use more coupons based on the amount of money we have from the last pay. Even more so when the coupon is used for something that is only a want and not a need.

But today we have the advantage of having digital access to them making them easier to use. As well as the coupon deals you can get on social media sites such as Facebook. This can capture shoppers attention and encourage them to buy the product or safe the digital coupon. When I come across coupons that way I save them and use them when I am able to. Or even when I am emailed coupons, the coupons i take advantage of most are the coupons that I receive for bookstores, because the more books I can get for less the better, seeing as I love getting the chance to read a good book.

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Another set of coupons that I take advantage of are coupons for discounts at clothes store, fashion is a large part of my life. Being able to get more clothes because of discount coupons is amazing, and makes shopping so much easier. But the coupons many people use more often then not would be food coupons, which for people like me who love to cook, because it can give us more products to work with. More product for the amount of a set amount of money is always a good thing, at least on products that can be stored and used for extended periods at a time. Coupons tend not to be used when it is for products in bulk that cannot be stored for long amounts of times. I don’t use coupons when they are only a few cents off of the product, because they seemingly do not make too much of a difference, unless you add it up in the long run instead of just in that moment.

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I feel that more coupons are put to use when you have a set routine for searching for them and a specific place or book to put them in and can carry them easily with you, such as digital coupons. The easier the access the more likely the coupons are to be used. Budgeting is huge as well, a tight budget means either cutting corners or finding something like coupons to ease the cost of purchases. Those are things that influence me to search out coupons, deals, and price cuts. Coupons can effluence me to buy or not to buy items, especially when they are 50 percent off coupons verses a 10 to 20 percent off coupon. Many other people feel similarly, when prices increase purchasing tends to decrease, and when discounts are added onto prices -whether raised or not- purchasing tends to increase.

Therefore I do believe that for many people coupons can and do influence the items that are purchased, and know that they do influence purchases in my own family. Personally I will always do my best to continue to use coupons for savings on purchases, and hope that the business world will continue to print coupons for their consumers. If coupons are ever discontinued the amount of shopping I do will definitely be decreased from what it used to be. Coupons are good to have and put to use to save money with. So in conclusion they do influence my own personal shopping, however for the rest of the world the answer is unknown other than surveys that have been taken on the subject.