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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Kasandra I.

We have all been in a situation where we say to ourselves, “I just came to look around.” But out of all those times how many times did you actually end up buying something you do not need because there was a coupon they had for that day. You feel like if you do not take advantage of it then there will never be another chance like this. It is like a do or die situation. Some people go crazy with this stuff! I have seen this happen with my mom. You might thing these inventions were made just for older people but you are wrong. I have to confess I also have been caught up with it. Coupons are the most evil things to be invented! It makes us buy stuff we absolutely do not need.

As I stated before, it has happened to me. Being a college student and having financial struggles, I need to spend money wisely. And if I spend money with a coupon I do not feel as guilty as buying clothes without a coupon. It has become a natural instinct to me like a survival of the fittest kind of thing. I see coupons as the key to happiness. I’ll be honest they really do influence my decision. I am not sure why my mind thinks like that but as a kid we see grown ups always asking for the coupons and eventually we just adapt to them too. For example, lets just say I walk into Victoria Secret and the floor staff comes up to you and says “We have a coupon today if you buy over $50 in LOVE clothes then you receive a free sweater.” I had no intention of buying anything and I obviously do not need any more clothes but the coupon sounds so good and the sweater is so cute! The first thing my mind could come up with as an excuse is, “It is a coupon! Don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity!”

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My mother is also a victim to this tragedy. At first, I thought my mom was loosing it with this kind of stuff and I thought she had a problem but then one day I was watching Keeping up With the Kardashians and I saw Kourtney was also a victim. I knew this was something serious! My mom is the type of person if she sees something she likes but there is not a coupon going on then she will not purchase anything. She thinks smart she will ask herself, “Do I really need it? Or is it more of a want kind of thing?” But if there is a coupon going on then she will shop until she drops. Sometimes theses things are insane. For example, buy 3 toilet paper packages and get the 4th free seems like an amazing deal. But then when that deal comes up again you still use it even though you know you do not need to use it again. Then that is a problem. Coupons influence decisions from everyone.

In a way coupons do not have to be a bad thing. They actually can help you save money but if you use them wisely. Businesses honestly made a smart move having different coupons be available almost every day. Even now they are much easier to get access of. With the increase of use in technology coupons do not need to be an actual piece of paper they could just be a scan code from your phone that you received from an email and even just letters and numbers you give to the cashier at checkout. They also do not influence your decision if you’re the type of person who does not really pay attention to that stuff. But I’m sure those people at one point were relieved to use a coupon because they did not have enough money or something. Almost all of us are guilty that at one point a coupon did save us from spending way too much. Or even convinced us in buying an item we do not need. At the end of the day coupons are becoming our purchasing decisions.

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