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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Kamali L.

Shopping is great fun. Joyful feelings cloak me every time I make a purchase. “Fifty percent off and buy one get the second free!” As a consumer, sale prices and coupons ignite a fire within me every time I use one. It is invigorating knowing that I just raked in on a great discount. If a coupon covers an essential item such as milk or toiletries it is the only time a coupon sends me running into stores to use it. I shop for a plethora of reasons including when I am sad, when I want something and when I need something, but very rarely is it because I have a coupon that is about to expire. Coupons that cover basic essentials are an added bonus to the high I get from shopping and is the only time I may feel it necessary to use a coupon before it expires.

On any given day when entering a store in which I shop frequently I may have coupons with me. In stores such as Macy’s where members are given coupons in the mail it is easy to have coupons handy. If I forget my coupons, sales associates often give them to me upon purchase. Macy’s offers general coupons such as 15% off or 10% off for a total purchase. It is almost impossible to shop there without using a coupon for every purchase because they are offered to their members. However, once I enter the store I may end up buying items that are not covered under the coupons such as sneakers or handbags. Once I have a coupon I may actually spend more money buying things that I probably would not have to make up for all that I am “saving”. Usually if I enter a store for only one purpose I am pretty good at reminding myself that I am in the store for a particular purpose and I try not to let my coupons distract me into buying more things. It keeps me on track to buying what I need only and saving what I should.

On the contrary, stores such as Walgreens that offer a variety of items make it difficult to stick to a simple list of items. Snacks, leggings, hair products, and more snacks! I may go into the store because I have a particular item in mind and so I will utilize an online search engine to find manufacture and store coupons for those specific items before entering the store. However, once I enter the store and realize that there are other items I need or want I may not use a coupon. Instantly I am drawn in to make a purchase I did not plan for. Depending on the length of the line I may use my smartphone to find a coupon quickly before I checkout but that is on extremely rare occasions.

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Also, I am a chronic online shopper. ModCloth, 6pm, H&M, and Forever 21 are my favorite retailers. When shopping online it is easiest to find coupons for those sites. The most common coupons to find include free shipping codes or discounts from the website to cover portions of a purchase. Unlike when I shop in person, when shopping online I always have a coupon. It is easiest to find quick coupons when shopping online because there is not an uncomfortable feeling that comes from a long line of people waiting or a scowl from an impatient cashier. However, online one coupon is allowed per purchase as opposed to shopping in person when the cashier can ring up several coupons. When shopping in person it is necessary to plan ahead for coupons so as to get the biggest discount.

Consequently, I only use coupons when it is convenient to do so. If I plan on making a purchase I will look online to find coupons for that purchase however, if I make spur of the moment purchases I often fork over the money without reaping a discount.

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