Why spend $50 on a pair of shoes when you could spend anything less than that amount? To me, it seems silly to buy a product at full price when there is a possibility of a lower price, or a better deal such as 2 for 1, or buy one get one half off, etc. There are so many reasons as to why I believe coupons are very important. Coupons absolutely influence my purchasing decisions because they save me money, they increase my loyalty, and they also keep me diverse.

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Money is tight. This is no secret. Nobody likes spending money, it can be very stressful; however, spending money is inevitable. When I know I will be making a purchase or two, I hunt for coupons. I look online, I check RetailMeNot, I look in the papers, in magazines, anywhere to save me a few extra dollars. If I cannot find any coupons, chances are I will not be going to that particular store, unless I already know what I am looking for is on sale. If I happen to already be in a store and have not checked for coupons, I will look on the RetailMeNot app on my iPhone before making any purchases, and I usually make my final decision on what I am going to buy, if I buy anything, based on the available coupons. Why? Because it saves me money. With the expenses of college, I need to save as much money as possible. Coupons provide extra merchandise or extra cash depending on what it is for; and in the end, I can always use some extra cash in my pockets. Even coupons that only save a few cents are beneficial, because they still save money. Pocket change from coupons definitely adds up.

When I am searching for coupons every time I shop and I notice the same store over and over again with more coupons, I shop at said store more often than other stores that are not as regular with coupons. In fact, the more regular the coupons, the more regular a shopper I am. It is a direct correlation. My loyalty with the store goes up as the amount and regularity of that particular store’s coupons. It makes me feel like that store cares about saving me money and having me as a regular customer. Loyalty is important to me as well because I feel like a better shopper, and even some stores offer loyalty cards, which I always sign up for. The more loyal I am, the more I purchase. Without coupons, I would not be a loyal shopper, or make the purchases I do make. Because of this type of loyalty, coupons affect my purchasing decisions. None of this would be possible, however, without coupons.

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Finally, when I notice a useful coupon for a store I have never been to before, I will go to that particular store and look around for a bit. Coupons catch my attention, draw me in, and keep my options open. I can be a very diverse shopper with coupons for several different stores, and possibly become a regular shopper if I were to like the new places I tried out. I enjoy going to different stores, and trying on different brands of clothing, shoes, etc. I usually purchase at least one thing at new stores with a coupon so I can see how I like it, without a coupon, however, I would not notice the new store or make any purchases, therefore, affecting my purchasing decisions. Coupons for different stores put that store’s name out there, and my attention is drawn to it; thus, making me a diverse shopper.

All in all, coupons help me make purchasing decisions because they put extra cash in my pockets and help me to be a loyal, diverse shopper. All of these elements are crucial to me, when planning on how I will spend my money. Times are tough, money-wise, so to me, coupons are a very helpful benefit to me when deciding what I will purchase.