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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Kaley T.

As I sit and sift through the newspaper Sunday morning, my fingers can’t help but wander over to the magazines full of coupons, pages and pages of coupons. My mind is in an ignorant blissful state as the time warps by. Excitement races through by body and my hand quivers slightly when I come across a “by one get one free” bogo coupon. I clip the coupon carefully with four quick snips and place it on top of the stack of coupons I have created after searching thoroughly for hours. Hours. Hours have passed by and I didn’t even realize it. Just as I think I’ve finished, euphoria of pure jubilation surges through me when I find one more magazine full of these wonderful moneysaving opportunities.

Are coupons actually wonderful money saving opportunities? Do coupons influence the way people make purchasing decisions? As I sit and watch TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” I can’t help but be fascinated with this lifestyle so many Americans have established for themselves. There is so much that goes into couponing. You have to do the research, stay up on grocery store sales, develop math strategies, find the coupons, clip and organize the coupons. The list almost seems endless. After watching a couple episodes of this attention grabbing show, the answer to the question “do coupons influence the way people make purchasing decisions?” seems pretty obvious.

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Think about it. Do the people on “Extreme Couponing” choose the brands they purchase? Coupons only give you a small selection of brands that are offered to you in grocery stores. You have no choice when it comes to making brand decisions when using coupons.  In America, most of us are very brand driven when it comes to purchasing quality safe products. While using coupons to save money may appear like a good thing, sometimes it hinders you from purchasing a brand that you would normally purchase if you hadn’t found the coupon.

There are several other ways coupons influence the way people make purchasing decisions. For example, coupons control the quantity of product you purchase. While using a coupon that says “buy two get the third free” may seem like a money saver, if you don’t end up using all the product you purchased, that money you spent has been wasted.

Another way coupons govern the way people make purchasing choices is through the purchasing process. Let’s just say you stumbled upon a coupon that says “$3.50 off your purchase of $10 or more”. Doesn’t using that coupon become extremely appealing even though you may not need anything from that specific store? If I came across a coupon like that, I would snatch it up, hop in my car and use it right away. Sometimes when we come across coupons that are too good of deal to pass up, we end up spending unnecessary money on things we never intended on purchasing. Thus, coupons start influencing the way you make purchasing decisions.

Did you know that there are a ton of companies trying to figure out how to get you to spend more and more money on their products? They spend billions of dollars on advertising to try and pull you into purchasing their merchandise. They want you to think they are providing you a good deal with great quality, and to do that they need to “save” you money by putting out coupons to reel their consumers in even more.

Companies trying to gain consumers’ business will always be a prominent feature in society, but one thing the consumers have control over is what they purchase. Sometimes when there is a coupon out there that appears too good to not use, it can influence the choices of the customer. I would definitely say that through the many examples and proof I have given, there is evidence to support the statement that coupons do influence the way people make purchasing decisions.

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