Everyone enjoys saving money, but do people actually save money? Coupons influence your purchase decisions because coupons give you more products for your buck. However, there are three different types of coupons: buy so many get so many free or half off, save so much on any two products, and saving so much on one product.

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Buying so many to get free is an influence. The reason behind this is because you have to spend more money to get something free and are you really getting it free? The companies get so much percentage on what you purchase that the free product you get really is what you are paying extra for.

When saving so much money on any two products is actually a decent deal because you can get twice what you want and still save. This coupon type does influence the purchase decision and it, in my case, would make me want to purchase that product because I would get twice I need and save so later I would not have to pay original price later.

My favorite though, is the saving for one product. It influences people to buy what they want and need with no extra spending on products that are not necessary. Many people are influenced in using these coupons and their decisions are influenced by them.

Do people actually save money using coupons? No and yes, because with the type of coupons you can save but then again, you could not. The coupons do influence peoples purchase decisions. However, with the right coupons they could choose the right choice in buying products.  So the question is, are you a smart buyer? That is the only thing you should really ask yourself now. Look at the types of coupons they are and see if you actually save.