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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Justin R.

Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions? From the perspective of a college student, coupons do influence purchasing decisions. Growing up in a middle class family, I was always accustomed to having a pretty good life financially. Going to the store and grocery shopping, were two different experiences from childhood to adulthood. Rolling on the carts down each aisle, my eyes would just pick out anything. I didn’t need the voice of reason to tell me yes or no, the eyes of my mother and other family members told the whole story. Although I could get away with certain purchases depending on who I was with.

I was introduced to coupons early on, in particular coupon cutting. Every Sunday was an anxiousness when it came to the newspaper. A trip to the store with coupons meant good things to come, but forecast with a chance of clouds. Since coupons had an expiration date, one must jump quick If there was a sale on cereal or a product I wanted, my chances and percentage were raised. This didn’t necessarily guarantee anything. Early on I was taught the value of saving. If you could get a quality of product with a good quantity it was a good investment.

As I got older and newspapers started to downsize, coupons were cut out. On trips to the mall with my Nana, she always brought her circular with her Macy’s coupons. I noticed the value of clothing did not change because there was a deal. Shopping was never my forte, but I saw the eyes of my Nana light up when it came to savings.

I started to notice those with large families and coming from an only child household, I wasn’t accustomed to sharing. Looking back, I wondered how those families got by. I never figured the importance of coupons might have on others. Here coupons can help families and low income individuals adhere to their budget.

Although in favor of coupons, they play right into the hand of capitalism. During the holiday season, specifically Black Friday, everyone goes in the festivities looking for the best deal. Many make a number of unnecessary purchases, only to regret their decision later. It as though corporations use this tactic to bait and hook the weak minded.

As I’ve grown and become more independent, coupons have become a bigger part of my life. Having to pay for classes out of pocket, I have had to find a way to save money on the side. The ability to use coupons to find sales has helped immensely. I’ve been able to purchase cheaper books, school supplies and still have money to enjoy my college years.

Recently coupons have become more technology advanced with the creation of the Groupon. The Groupon is a digital app, which allows users to connect with their local business. In this instance, a company offers deals on their products. This system has had many up and down reviews on Yelp. The company is able to bring in more revenue and consumers are left satisfied.

With coupons, I am more likely to go to a store. If two different stores have the same brand of sneaker, I look first for what kind of sale is being offered. After doing my research, a majority of my decision is based on who can give me the best deal. With savings, many times you might not get the best quality.

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There were times I was ashamed of the use of coupons because of what others might think and say. It felt as though I was poor. This shame has died down over the past years and the use of coupons will still play a role.

Going forward, I will pass down the value of savings and coupons to the next generation. Products nowadays and living are just to expensive to pretend to have money like a celebrity or a Rockefeller.

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