My hand hesitated as I open the door to my kindergarten class, it was the first day of school and I didn’t know anyone in my class let alone the language they were speaking. Six months before I started school I left my home Bulacan, Philippines, I only knew my native language, Tagalog, and speaking in English was out of the question. Not only was my nail biting habit was set in overdrive because of my need to fit in with my classmates but what if I didn’t know how read sentences correctly. Before I left the Philippines I was taught how to read and write in English by my Pastor. To me, the teacher sounded like she was murmuring I tried to decipher some words, the English language sounded so unnatural to me. Then my teacher passed out a sheet of paper, that is when I thought my heart was going to stop, fear in my eyes became tears and I on the verge of crying until I closed my eyes; took a breath; looked at my paper and it was almost like pieces of a puzzle naturally fit, the letters were something I was familiar with. I picked up my pencil and I completed my worksheet, I was actually the first student who finished their work that day. After being able to quickly finish my work, my confidence in English skyrocketed. Usually my highest grade in my report card is reading and writing, and thanks to my Pastor, who taught me how to write I am able to excel in a language that was not my first.

My pastors motivation to teach me English was, America is the land of opportunities one you should not have the disadvantage of not knowing the language. Reading and writing is a subject I was always able to excel in because of my early lessons on English and my Pastors belief that the younger generation is the future. The English language was not only something that was naturally easy, but it was also something I enjoyed. Writing is a safe haven for me, a place where I say what I want and be praised for, reading is a place where imagine a place where anything can happen. Opening a book and reading the stories lets me live another persons life even if it is fiction. Being able to write my feelings and my own stories lets my imagination out of control until my notebook is filled pencil marks. English not being my first language learning prefix and suffix was such a journey that was worth taking because I’m able to take the expedition of the stories in english and in Tagalog. To me a subject where you work hard and also lose yourself in the adventure you take answering the questions is truly a subject you excel in. Because of my love of reading and writing is so strong reading articles about biology and chemistry and other subject will not bore me because to me reading is something I can look forward to type of writing that is thrown in my way. Since I want to pursue a career that involves me reading many articles. To me reading is a something to value, reading is very important to pursue a higher education and a better career to be a successful adult. My pastor is someone I thank because he gave the advantage that made be one step closer to be a great person who will make a change in the community I reside in, and a community that will be proud that i was raised in it.

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