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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Juliana B.

To start off let me say I am a Freshman in College with little money on my own for the first time and getting a reality check on having the little extras I need or want that I didn’t think about while living at home because like many it was either already available or if I ask I would get it.  Well now it’s different since being in College and learning to make decisions and earn my way. My work study job is the only money I have to get the Supplies or things I may need while in school. I depend on Coupons to help me with meeting the challenge of saving every dime I can.  I look for coupons prior to shopping because it makes me feel that I will be spending money I don’t have, BUT Saving Money doing it.

While having the coupon I need doesn’t always keep me from a purchase it certainly will assist in my decision making when I come across the item I have been looking for. So yes, if I had a coupon for a purchase I was making it would influence me to use that coupon.

Searching for coupons is always a must in my world and it is a part of my going shopping routine.  With a goal in mind and armed with all the coupons I could gather whether on paper or on my smart phone, it’s a sure sign that the shopping experience I will be embarking on will be a challenge, but with the assistance of coupons I have found will certainly be successful.

Some barriers on the coupons I found are a list of what they don’t cover in the store you might have the coupon for.  If a store is going to give $10.00 of a purchase of $50.00 why should they care if it’s a pair of Levis you are buying? If their selling them I don’t understand why the coupons have to limit your purchase products by deselecting brands of popularity. When a store has coupons of this nature I will tend to look elsewhere for the better deal and coupon.

The coupon expiration date is a problem I run into a lot. It never fails when I am looking for that certain item and have a coupon for that store I love to shop in and find the item I want, I realize coupon either doesn’t start till next day or ended the day before.  I like the coupons with no expiration date. I really hate the coupons you get with your purchase receipt, you know the ones you go home fill out on line and print out, they always give you the must use so and so week. It’s never a pay day week and it annoying.

I also use coupons when going to movies, restaurants or stopping by a fast food business. I will call even and ask what’s your special for the day or do you have coupons available, where might I get them? Prior to going to certain restaurants or choosing movie theaters having or not having a coupon could make a difference if I and my friends use that avenue of entertainment or venue for the evening.  So again, Yes the coupon for the two for one dinner with free entre would sway me to use that restaurant or not to go if they didn’t offer any coupons or deals. Being a college student and seeking entertainment and occasional dinner somewhere besides the cafeteria food is always better if you can spit it with a friend on the two for one deal.

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Yes, I am that Frugal Shopper which is always looking for that last minute coupon to cover more than likely that spontaneous item I just saw at so and so. When I am successful at finding that coupon I buy the item. It’s a no brainer. Coupons are a way of life for this College Student!!

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