Honestly when I go out shopping for everyday essentials or items, coupons do not influence my shopping habits. When going out shopping for items, I want or need, most of the time, there are no sale coupons being presented to me for items that would be interesting to buy. I do not look for coupons because many stores do not offer coupons, but only offer to tell customers what items they are having a sale on. Every time I receive a coupon people have to spend a certain amount of money for the coupon to take effect. This results in people being forced to buy more items they did not intend on buying, in some cases. I can relate to this because me working at a grocery store and shoe store that we rarely offered to tell customers about coupons. It was up to them to find the coupons themselves or be a member of the company.

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Coupons do not really influence my shopping habits because shopping stores do not present customers with coupons for the items they would be interested in buying. Majority of stores only have items on sale or try to give the customer coupons on items that is not selling well like a Iphone or galaxy; and most of the time it is always a catch to even use the coupon, like spending a certain amount in the store or buying an extra item to receive a discount. Only grocery stores present people with reasonable coupons that shoppers can consider using, unlike other retailer stores that rarely offer to give customers a sales coupon, but tell the shoppers what items they are having a sale on.

It is hard to find or even get coupons from retailer companies because stores tend to only give coupons to a signed up member of the company to even be considered to receive coupons. Where shoppers have to spend a certain amount of money at the store or with a certain company to be eligible to receive coupons.

Coupons are too much of a hassle because most shoppers go to the store knowing exactly what they want, so when being presented with coupons most of the time it is for other items that shoppers had no intention of buying. People use coupons, but not to often in the retailer industry, because coupons are set up where people have to use them at certain retailer stores. When people find sales coupons, stores assign them to only be used on certain items. When people try to use coupons they found online, most stores give people a hard time like they need a legible coupon that’s from the store or from online; and that some retailers do not  allow people to use coupons from off  of their phone or a printed copy from off line.

It feels like stores intentionally do not tell shoppers about discount coupons because they want people to pay the full price or sign up with the company to be eligible to be granted access to coupons. The reason people go to the store is that they know what they came to the store to buy, and coupons tend to be an obstacle when shopping because they are not being handed to the shoppers. Stores only offer people sales on items, instead of coupons.  Majority of the time when I go to a retailer, I always notice the store is having a sale on specific items in the store. Coupons probably would influence my shopping habits if they were available, and presented to customer while shopping. Me working at two retailer stores that I can say that we never offered customers coupons, but instead direct them to items that was on sale. Had shoppers sign up with the company, so shoppers could eligible to be rewarded.