When I see a coupon for an item I already use, I naturally will use the coupon to get a better price.  Sometimes, however, I find a coupon for a competitive company’s product.  I might have normally been buying something different because I liked the price better.  Now when I find a competitive name that may usually cost more than the one I have been using; however now it is available with a coupon for the same price that I have been paying for my article; I will often take advantage of the coupon just to try out a different brand and see if it is worth its normally higher price.

As an example; I have found with many things for sale, that when I find an outstanding product; even if it costs more; I will stay with that item.  The coupon offers to me the opportunity to try a different brand that I would normally not try; because of not wanting to spend more money.  I am often pleasantly surprised by the new piece of merchandise and now decide to stay with it, because it is a better quality, or it tastes better to me, or I like the way it smells, or it just feels good to me.

I have seen news reports of people who make a practice of buying large quantities of items with multiple coupons.  They go into a store with several carts and buy large amounts of products using handfuls of coupons and yet end up paying very little for such a large amount of purchase.  For me, that would be impractical.  First; such people have to have large storage areas for such great purchases, and some of the things they are buying they may never use.  In such a case these people just have to store the items.

This seems pointless to me to have to have large amounts of stored goods one may never use.  I operate on the principle of aiming for the highest quality of goods always.  I suppose I got this idea from a friend of mine who always seemed to have the best of anything.  If he had a pen; it was the best one; the best motorcycle; the best shoes; or the most unique.  I had never known anyone who operated this way.  Most of the people I knew had sort of a hodgepodge of things around them; some good; some bad.

I won’t say that I have ever been able to reach his level of ownership; but I aim for that always.  So when I buy, I always try to find the best of that thing; the best shampoo; the best paper towel; the best yogurt.  This is how I use coupons; to seek out an improvement on an item I already use.  If I find it, I am very happy and will stay with it; until I can again improve upon it.

Every week in the paper we get a barrage of coupons for everything from pharmaceuticals to pet food.  Each week there are only a few coupons that I can use.   There are pharmaceutical products that I don’t need.  So a coupon for such an item does not influence me to buy.  There are products that I have tried and didn’t like.  A coupon for a food item that doesn’t taste good to me does not influence me to purchase that food.  So to that degree, coupons do not influence me to buy.

That being said, however, coupons do influence me to buy if I either like the item already; or have wondered if this item might actually be better that what I have been using.  So I would have to say that certain coupons do indeed influence me to buy.   There is one other factor in making a purchase using a coupon; and that is “Do I need it?”

In other words, if I already have a four month’s supply of shampoo, I would probably not be influenced by a coupon for shampoo, because I simply don’t want to store any more shampoo at this time.   So a coupon does influence my buying habits if I need the item, and if I would like to try it, or if I already like it and need it now.

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