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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Josephine M.

Coupons have definitely influenced my purchasing decisions. I am a frequent online shopper, and honestly I love it. I always compare store deals to online deals and sometimes the online deals are better than in-store. When I receive coupons from my favorite online stores, I am more likely to make a purchase than I was if I would not have a coupon. Which can sometimes be good and bad. I feel like even if I am running low on cash and I receive a coupon or see that there is a sale, I have a desire to purchase something. Also, if something that I really want is on sale or I can find a coupon for it then it makes me feel happy knowing that I can save money on my purchase and have money left over. Even if the item is something that is not a necessity, when there is a coupon for the item then the chances of the item being purchased increase. I feel that coupons are made usually to save people money and increase store sales. A merchant is deemed successful by the amount of sales they make. Usually these sales need to be higher than the month before or the year before. Making a profit is no longer considered success. Coupons are provided to increase consumption and sales, and save people money which is critical for our economy. The U.S. department of agriculture performed a study in 2010 that found when coupons provided a ten percent decrease on a product, the amount of purchases made increased by two percent every week.

Sales have also been increased because of the availability of coupons on smartphones. Finding paper printed coupons takes time and effort, but with a smartphone the time searching for coupons is cut in half. Buyers are able to shop and search for coupons at the same time with the use of a smartphone. Since coupons have become more readily available with this new technology, the desire to make a purchase increases knowing that the item will decrease in price. Studies have found that mobile coupons are ten time more likely to be redeemed than traditional coupons. I personally feel that it is less of a hassle redeeming coupons from my phone. Many smartphone apps have been created to make searching for coupons faster and easier. RetailMeNot inc. is one of the most well-known and well used websites and apps that has seen much success in providing a faster and easier way to find and redeem coupons. This year alone, visits to the website grew from 154.2 million to 161.5 million from September to the current month of November and their mobile users have increased by 87%. They now have 14.5 million people using their mobile devices to use coupons from RetailMeNot, which have provided about $3.5 million in paid retailer sales. This represents a large sum of buyer savings.

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Other well-known coupon and sales sites are Groupon and Over 1.3 million coupons have been redeemed from since 2013. The Groupon mobile app is now being used by over 100 million people worldwide. People are always looking for the best deals. The economy depends on consumption, and coupons make buyers feel better about buying and consuming. Most of the money that I make goes to tuition and it is difficult to even buy items of necessity such at deodorant or toothpaste. Some days it is even hard to buy food to eat because I have to pay bills instead. I have an account with Groupon and I frequently use RetailMeNot to help me make certain purchases that I would not be able to make without coupons and decreased prices. I usually shop many websites to search for the best deals on text books. If there were coupons that could further decrease textbook prices then I probably would not dread the idea of buying books that I am only going need for five or six months. The guilt is taken out of buying when coupons are available for savings. It is good to know that there are websites and apps created to save people money especially as a college student.

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