According to, a coupon can be defined as a portion of a certificate, label, advertisement, or the like, set off the main body by dotted lines or the like to emphasize its separability, entitling the holder to something, as a gift or discount, or for use as an order blank, a contest entry form. In other words, a coupon can described as a voucher or a form allowing its holder to receive a discount for a specific or particular product during the transaction process. From this angle, coupons appear to have a potential impact on our savings; especially in the current economic context where products prices are increasing continually while the salaries or wages tend to be stagnant. Therefore, it becomes imperative and critical to recognize when to use the coupons and when not to use them.

In the context of economic power which consists of giving and taking, the main goal for many in society has always been to save as much as they can in every deal they come across. The use of coupons is one way among others which allows this category of individuals to achieve their goals. This group of people like myself understand the importance of coupons during transactions. Consequently, they help me save so much money, make money or even I sometimes get things for free. I never really cared about coupons until one day as I happened to watch by chance a reality show on television called Keeping Up with the Kardashian; there was one of the sisters in that episode who kept talking about the use of coupons. She explained how she had saved a lot of money using the coupons. I was astonished because this was a millionaire lady. I proceeded to realize that I could do it too. Today, I am a great fan of coupons but the successful secret resides in the basic concept which I apply almost every time I go out for shopping. Most of the time I first identify the ongoing sales in town. Then based on my needs, I try to use my coupons wisely by making sure that they will pair up with the sales. This methodical way allows me to get things for free. For instance, for 1 liter of Coca-Cola at Wal-Mart which usually costs $1.00, I often wait until it is on sale for $0.50. Therefore, when I go to buy that bottle of Coca-Cola with a $0.50 off, I end up getting for free. This method is a powerful way of saving which helps me provide myself with different necessities for free such as deodorants, toothpastes, toothbrushes, and dental flosses.  As a matter of fact, I don’t always get things for free because products I may imperatively need at a particular time may not be on sale. But I am still able to use my coupons which generate good savings regardless.

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However, my purchasing decisions can sometimes not be influenced by the use of coupons. There are many items such as laundry washers and dryers or even health products that when it comes to buy them, I don’t wait until I get coupons before I get them. Nonetheless, I don’t buy stuffs just because I have coupons for them. I may end up with wasting my money on items that I don’t need or will never use.

Finally, with no doubt, the use of coupons has influenced my purchasing decisions. It is important to use the basic concept and to be aware of the stores policies. When these elements are cautiously and carefully taken care of, the big savings can only follow. But at the same time I always remind myself that not all coupons are to be used if the items they are applied to are not necessary or simply are not of my realm of needs; doing so will be a total waste of my hard-earned money.