How do coupons influence my life? Why did we start couponing in the first place? The answer is simple. We needed to save money for other gifts around the holidays and to have some money in our savings account. Growing up my parents got divorced when i was five. My mother got remarried twice and then we moved to Ohio so we could be closer to my grandfather that had just got remarried also. HIs wife was ok but i didn’t like her at first, she tried to hard to act like a blood relative. My mother would get the newspaper everyday and the ads in the mail every Wednesday and keep them until she went grocery shopping a few days later. We also had food stamps at the time since my mother could barely hold a job with trying to put both my sister and I threw school. I think since she was so stressed out with that that was the main reason why she started to abuse drugs. Later my mother and my step-father both went to jail for forging doctor prescriptions and drugs. My sister and I went to live with my grandparents after that. We have been living with them ever since. They decided to adopt us two years ago since we have been living with them for so many years now. Even though i live with them in a better environment we still use coupons to help us save money especially since they are wanting to help me go through college. Technically I’ll be a first generation college student because neither my mom nor dad went to college. My mother did even finish high school but she did eventually get her GED while she was living in a halfway house in Columbus.  I’m going to go to college to get my bachelors degree in social work and then possibly later get my masters to be a marriage and family therapist. I think i picked these careers based on what has happened to me at a young age, and i would like to try to make an impact on this world by helping other children and or parents stop abusing drugs, to stop children from being abused by their parents either it be verbally,physically, or emotionally. My dream is to help anyone and everyone that i possibly can by getting them out of a bad situation, getting them the help that they need, and getting them to a better place. I truly believe that this could really make an impact on our world and maybe, just maybe, more people will become more caring to the people around them, and also learn to jump in and help more. I volunteer at our local homeless shelter with a group of people at my church every third Wednesday of the month and just doing that to help feed those people and teach them the gospel it really does make you feel better, but at my church not as many people want to help anymore because there aren’t very many new people that show up to help. If some people would just stand up and pitch for once and see how good it makes you feel then maybe we would have some of the problems that we have in our world today. The same with adopting children. About forty percent of children in foster care are teenagers, only about eleven percent actually get adopted out of foster care, and twenty-six percent are still waiting. There are so many people that say that they don’t want someone elses child they want their own. I’m not sure on the percent exactly but there is a group of teens at are in foster care that are waiting to be adopted and if they aren’t then once they turn eighteen they get out and have no where to go and no one to turn to for help. This, sometimes, turns them into killers. Usually its because they can’t help it because they just want the attention that they never got from a parent,family member, or a friend. I truly believe that if we would just sit down and contemplate on all of this we might actually be able to help out more than we actually think that we can.

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