Coupons are a part of everyday life. When you are reading the daily newspaper, you browse through all the sales ads and coupons various stores have placed in them.  Shopping in grocery stores, Coupons are placed near the items with a special bargain for a preset time frame. That person in line that is occupying the cashier using an entire handful of coupons is taking up an additional thirty minutes of your time.  Whether or not you use coupons, they affect you daily.

In the newspaper, coupons bring about awareness to an item that you may not have seen in your usual shopping routine. In between the sports pages and the all too important comics, one can usually find an array of coupons varying from the back to school specials to the most important meal of the day to seasonal clothing attire.  The coupon placed in the daily paper has just accomplished two reasonable tasks. First, the item has an advertisement of something you need or could create a possible desire for purchase. Second, a discount has effectively reinforced the urge to purchase the item on the coupon. So while you are at home enjoying your breakfast and reading the local newspaper, coupons have been trying to influence you to go get that item because you need it.

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When going shopping for groceries, I find myself detracting from the list I have so deliberately made with a bit of time consumption in the process. I walk down the cereal aisle and peruse the usual flavors and brands until I decide which cereal I will have for this week.  Sometimes, the department manager has so nicely placed a stack of coupons next to a cereal I have never tried before, on a cereal that is new, or on a cereal that is good but does not have the same popularity of other brands. “Buy One, Get One Free!”  Who passes that up? No one! Ok, put this cereal back I know I like for a chance I might like this and I get to try a second flavor of that cereal for free.

Maybe you have been in this situation. You have your dinners planned out for the week. At the grocery store shopping for the required items, you come across a combo discount coupon, “Buy this and that, get the third necessary ingredient for free”  I don’t know about you, but that will make me sit and contemplate. Do I really want the dinners I have chosen for the week? Should I go ahead and get this dinner special dinner? It is just as good. I can trade out this dinner. The two dinners are just as easy to make. I can save two dollars! Deal! Coupons have successfully won another shopper over.

At some point in your life, everyone has come across this one crazy looking lady that has three carts full of things and has the cashier looking completely flustered. Yes, you know the type. The master coupon sorcerer has successfully cast her spell again. Three completely filled shopping carts that requires the entire family’s help to lug all this stuff around the whole store while mom fills them up. You think to yourself, “Wow, that lady is rich to buy all that food in one trip”.  Until you stand behind her in line and found out that the four hundred dollars in household goods and food you see her with has taken the next ten minutes slowly diminishing its net value to the astonishing total of twenty-two dollars and fifteen cents.

Do coupons influence my purchasing decisions? I am absolutely influenced by coupons. Coupons bring about awareness to the new food I have not bothered to try. Coupons bring down the cost of my food bill. Coupons help families that could use a little extra help, even if they have to spend the entire week finding that price look up code for the brand name food they desire. Coupons influence me daily.