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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Joanna M.

The Craving for Saving

As a current college undergraduate, I can certainly attest to the fact that students face numerous “cravings” throughout their career in college. The most common craving associated with college is perhaps the inevitable order of late-night pizza that is welcomed into open arms after an unremitting night of studying. An unconventional desire that is also experienced is the craving for success—and thankfully, these provide the motivation for late-night studying. However, with the burden of various high-priced costs that is faced on an all-too-often basis, there is one craving students strive to satisfy the most: the craving for saving. Therefore, coupons influence my purchasing decisions by determining where I will shop, which brands I will buy, and the quantity of a product I will purchase.

While a craving for saving undoubtedly affects many, not all are familiar with the options available to decrease costs. There is a variety of diverse outlets available to attain coupons, but with a demanding schedule that includes classes, work, and extracurricular activities, it is vital to choose the most efficient channel to maximize savings. As a student, I utilize websites such as that offer categorized, printable coupons through an online site and mobile app. This ease of access conserves time and money as I can forgo the lengthy process of sifting through newspapers and magazines in an attempt to locate useful coupons. By looking at the businesses on the website that are offering deals through coupons, I can easily decide where to shop and create an effective route of locations that will provide the necessary items on my list. Furthermore, coupons decrease my dependence on my parents by encouraging me to take advantage of the deals present in my area rather than making a long, unnecessary trip home to solely obtain groceries and other items.

By first influencing my decision of where to shop, coupons also influence my decision of which brands I will buy. Personally, for the types of goods I frequently buy, I do not have a strong preference in brand; I only desire that a reasonable combination of affordability and quality be present in the product. When looking at the current sales available on I can easily distinguish which location’s products will offer the greatest amount of affordability. This is crucial because every amount saved, whether large or small, can be used towards the payment of necessary bills like tuition, rent, books, and school supplies that aid in educational success. However, if I do develop a strong brand preference in the future, I can easily find these brands on and explore any available deals.

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In addition to determining the places I’ll shop and the brands I’ll buy, coupons also influence the amount of products of that particular brand that I will purchase. Taking advantage of deals offered on multiple quantities of items not only saves money in the short-run but in the long-run as well. I conserve money initially through the savings off the items’ original price. I then save again a few weeks later whenever I am in need of that item once more, but have prevented making a special trip back to the same location because I bought the extra amount of items required for the coupon savings. When used efficiently, coupons that offer significant savings on multiple amounts of the same item save time and money—both equally critical to my success as college student.

Considering the multitude of costs that are placed on college students and other consumers alike, it is understandable that coupons influence my purchasing decisions by determining where I will shop, the brands I will purchase, and the amount of items I will buy. And while most cravings can be easily diminished, there is one craving that will always be especially present in the life of a college student—the craving for saving.

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