Coming from a family that is limited on money, we have to be careful on what we purchase. There is no better coupon collector then my dad. It seems that we base what we do off of what coupons we have. All my friends love me because when we go out somewhere I am always saving everyone money! Coupons are a great thing to have. They save a lot of money and are beneficial to the companies. Coupons benefit me a lot! If I didn’t have coupon books and websites offering coupons I wouldn’t go out as much as I do. With the use of coupons I get to experience a lot more in life then most kids my age. In my neighborhood coupon books are sold by kids in order to make money for their club like boy scouts or a baseball team. The coupon books are so helpful.  They have hundreds of different restaurants with endless deals that are too good to pass up. When there is a good deal, the coupon motivates us to get out of the house and try something new. You never know, a coupon might be the start of a new place that becomes your family’s favorite. Having coupons saves a lot of money in which you can splurge in the long run whether its on a house, vacation or car. In my family’s case, we run errands about once a week, in that week we save hundreds of dollars that could have easily been spent. With the savings we use it to benefit our family, whether its paying off the house, for educational purposes, or taking the rest of the family somewhere nice. My grandparents are one of the best examples of coupon savers. When they were beginning my family, they started saving and made many sacrifices. They would cut out the coupons and put them to use, the money they saved went to the bank. It all paid off for them, they are now in their 80’s. They have been retired for over twenty years and get to just enjoy themselves. My dad and I have a favorite coupon, its called groupon. I am sure that you have heard about it. Its a website that emails discounts. From this one website my friends and I have done so much these past couple years. If it’s going out to dinner or going somewhere adventurous groupon has the deal. I have been to many nice restaurants where I got half the meal for free, I have taken a group of friends to a water park for less money than a normal dinner. These coupons are not only saving money, but are also creating memories that I will keep forever. If you listen to people complain, you will hear what a pain all the expenses are. I can guarantee that if everyone carried coupons around and spent a little time cutting them out like my mom, we would hear a lot less complaints. Sure some things are expensive, but whatever it is, there are deals out there. For example, gas is expensive, but it is very feasible when you sign up with a credit card and continue to get fuel perks off gallons of gas. Coupons pay off in the long run with more money, a lot more experiences and knowing that you did the right thing. Saving coupons also is a reality check to people on what is truly a necessity and what people just want. Being frugal on money makes the consumer buy only what is best for his or her family and what they absolutely need. Coupons are truly a savior and have been helping families around the world for many years and many more to come. I support coupons and highly recommend others to use them. I sure know that I will be a father one day who is a coupon collector telling my kids to save money for college. Money can always be saved for something fun or needed. There are many expenses out there to be paid for. Making and saving money is a great feeling. Paying off debts is a hard thing to do, that’s why we need all the money we can get.  Coupons are a great way to save money!

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