I am a coupon clipper and have been since I was a teenager! I believe that coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. I usually do not purchase anything unless I have a discount of some sort, therefore if I need to get a hair cut I will go to where I have the best coupon to.  When I am in the store purchasing food I use sales in combination with coupons to purchase items at the lowest price possible. I will stock up on items to get me through to the next sale and or purchase as many as I can with the amount of coupons I have.

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I have taught my daughter how to use coupons and as she has grown she has learned the advantage of using coupons to save money.  It is great to see her learning to use money saving coupons to get the things that she wants.

I believe it is a marketing technique that company’s use to get you to try their product. I appreciate their effort in getting me to try their product, however once the coupons quit coming I usually no longer use the product or service.  I am a young single mother and I had to learn how to stretch a dollar very far. Coupons have definitely afforded me the opportunity to streach my money and provide for my daughter.