Coupons absolutely influence my decisions while stocking up the kitchen with groceries, when shopping for new shoes, and even deciding on a waxy car wash after a winter rain. I almost always look for coupons prior to shopping so I can tweak my lists for things I am shopping for. If I don’t carry a list and coupons, I get out of hand! I believe that the majority of coupons are used either at the grocery market or during shopping at local malls. Coupons are extremely easy to obtain now that the world relies on technology and social media for almost everything they do. Even Walmart has a “savings catcher” app that I downloaded on my android and use every time I shop there. When using coupons I feel a sense of satisfaction that is almost indescribable, and I love bragging about how much I can save!

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Regardless of what it takes, I am always on the hunt to save money. I mean, it would be crazy not to! I can save up to hundreds of dollars a year just by using coupons. In the short run saving $0.75 cents on a box of cereal may not seem like much, but if you bought cereal once every two weeks for a year that cost $4.00 a box and used the $0.75 coupon you would save $19.50! Who knew they actually made coupons for car washes? Well, get ready to be amazed because they do, not to mention the free vacuum tokens.

In addition, I never leave the house without looking for coupons first. I will admit to changing my shopping list once I find certain coupons as well. Whether I am switching from brand name to generic or a completely different shopping center all together, it all comes down to what I can save. I find it very beneficial to make a list and have all my coupons handy before going out venturing up and down the aisles at my neighborhood market. My favorite places to search for deals are in magazines, on online websites and phone applications and my favorite place, the newspaper.

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For example, there are hundreds of phone applications available for download giving their users access to hundreds of coupons at the push of a few buttons. My favorite coupon application would have to be “RetailMeNot” which will actually notify me of nearby deals at stores I have either stared, or maybe never even shopped at. Getting the newspaper at work is one of my favorite parts of the day! From reading my horoscope, to headline news and cars for sale, the newspaper never disappoints, especially when there are coupon ads and sales papers enclosed in their freshly printed pages. The most popular, and probably most profitable, Walmart shopping center never falls short of providing the best deals in town.

Regarding this, I must brag on their new application for iPhone and android smartphones called the “Savings Catcher.” It is so easy to use I even set my grandmother up an account and showed her how to use it. All I have to do is shop there, keep my receipt and scan it on their app and they search for nearby deals that beat their prices. Once they find cheaper deals elsewhere, I get to keep the difference and cash it out to a gift card whenever I chose!

Above all, it is clear to say that I am a coupon queen! There are people I know personally that do the “extreme couponing,” while I am not that advanced in my savings, I still do the best I can. Finding deals always brightens my day, therefore counteracting someone else to have a better day and so on, like a domino effect. Every sign outside a restaurant, shopping center, theme park and the list goes on, advertises their specials and coupons available to customers who sign up for their emails to receive promotions and more coupons! Coupons are free, easy to access and acquire and can even allow some grocery stores to actually owe the customer money. Saving money is essential to becoming a smart, savvy shopper, something I strive for every day.