A comment from the Scholarship Committee at imin.com: Jessica talks about how coupons helped her family save money on food during a difficult time.   We have many grocery coupons available to help any family save!

            The coupon is a wonderful tool to help those who are determined to save money. There are millions of coupons floating around for the ones who putt forth the effort of keeping track of them to use. Grocery coupons, hair coupons, restaurant coupons, leisure coupons, and the categories are endless. Coupons can be found online and printed, through apps on android and apple products (SnipSnap is a perfect example), and even sent through the mail to be included with weekly newspapers. Couponing is a lot of work, but there are people who do it along side of working to make ends meet and even those who choose to do it for a living. As long as you are willing to invest the time, coupons are helpful on an everyday basis.

             Coupons have become a major part in my household for grocery shopping and have branched out to all other areas. We started couponing approximately two years ago when my mother found our she had an anuerism. Devastatingly, it was severe and required surgery. We were, and still are today, considered a lower middle class family so, coupons helped lift the burden of going to the grocery store. We started off knocking around forty dollars of of our one hundred dollar grocery bill each week. Feeding four people on sixty dollars a week rather than one hundred dollars for necessities sounds like a vast improvement in my books. After time passed, the good coupons we had previously became scarcer and our savings decreased. However, we still continue to use coupons to save on our everyday necessities and money isn’t as tight as it could be. Coupons in the grocery store have certainly been a great help in my household.

As a couponers daughter, we are not picky, we use coupons for everything including retail shopping trips. Every time we plan on taking a trip to the mall, we search through our email accounts to scope out any possible coupons there are and hit the clearance isles or reasonably priced apparel. On one occasion we walked out of JCPenney with two shirts for only a quarter. That was the best couponing trip we had ever had, but never have repeated it since. I am hopeful that we can do it again in the future. We even use a site called UPromise to have a percentage of our online purchases through certain retailers put into our account which can later on be used for school necessities. My mother has made a decent amount of money to help pay for college textbooks through that website. Every little savings or cash back helps and we are very thankful for it all.

I have even started using a cash back app on my apple device, checkout 51. I downloaded it just to mess with it and see what it was. The app posts offers each week, resetting Wednesday at 11:59 pm, and it you purchase any off the offer on the list you can upload the receipt and “claim the offers” on your receipt. Then, your receipt is validated within twenty-four hours and the items you have claimed have processed to be either accepted and put into your account of denied. I have used the app for only two weeks and have already made five dollars in my account. Later, once my account balance reaches twenty dollars minimum, I can cash out and receive a check in the mail for items we buy frequently. Since the app just started as something for me to mess with and see what it does, I have grown to enjoy it and truly like the opportunity to earn cash back. Everything we can save will help me earn my degree in Pharmacy.

In the end, saving money through coupons and cash back is truly a great help to this household between daily necessities, my mother’s needed procedures, and my wish to get my degree. Coupons are the most effective way to save money and are used frequently during our trips to the grocery store. without coupons I could possibly not been allowed the opportunity to pursue a wanted pharmacy degree from lack of financial ability and stability of my parents to help me through it. We can enjoy more with coupons and experience more as well. More people should take the time to clip coupons. Maybe it could even help Americans get out of this recession we have been in and make a good amount of deflation happen. One can hope for a better time for all can’t they?