As a college student that is limited on my supply of money and as a person who was raised with family members who live by coupons, it is important to me to buy products at the best deal I can get them for. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of knowing that I was purchased an item that began as being unaffordable but with a scan of a coupon, it became affordable and reasonable (in my opinion). Many are skeptical about coupons, some reasons being because it takes time to find coupons and it leads to more spending. However, these problems can easily be resolved with a little handful of organization and planning, and yes it will take time but it is good time spent because at the end of it all you will have saved money on the items that you would normally pay full price for.

The satisfaction that comes with every receipt that says, “You saved: $____ today!” is priceless. I can save 3 dollars, or twenty dollars but either way I will not be disappointed because regardless, I still saved money. I enjoy that fact that I can use coupons essentially for any items that I would need to buy. For example, when I go to the grocery store, I can use the weekly ad to clip coupons and save money one the produce that I buy such as cereal, milk, eggs and vegetables. On the other hand, I can also use magazines to clip coupons or use the Internet to find and print coupons to help me save a few bucks on a new outfit that I’ve wanted to purchase for an upcoming event.

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This brings us to the issue that it takes a lot of time to find and clip specific coupons.  In the past, most coupons were found in newsletters and magazines and it took time to buy the newspapers and magazines. Nowadays I can easy find coupons to specific stores, for specific items with ease with the help of technology – it’s kind of amazing. Technology has made couponing so convenient, that when I am deciding whether or not to purchase an item, coupons always come to mind. When I need to purchase an item I can easily type in exactly what I need and most of the time I will not disappointed because I will usually always find something whether I will be getting “10% off” or a “buy one, get one free” deal.

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Now this goes into the problem of buying things that we don’t need because we are “saving” money. I have had this problem in the past and it did deter me from using coupons for a little while. However I easily fixed that problem by creating an organized list of items I needed, this helped me narrow down all the things I actually needed and nothing more. After I have my list, that’s when I go on a search for coupons and only specific coupons to the items that are on my list. It reduced my temptation to spend on things that I didn’t need, so using coupons didn’t lead me spend more money, it simply helped me save on the essential items that I needed. Along with that, couponing websites enable users to see which one of their coupons are expired and most up to date so most of the problems associated with clipping coupons have been reduced significantly.

In my opinion coupons most definitely do influence my purchasing decisions and although there are problems and skepticism associated with coupons, they do save me money, and have taught me to be more organized with my purchasing to prevent overspending and listless spending. Not only that, as I mentioned before, coupons are made extremely accessible online these days that I think to myself,  “Why wouldn’t and shouldn’t I invest a sliver of my time to live a life in while I save money with every purchase with the help of coupons!”