Coupons are economic incentives that are utilized to get customers to shop at their venues. Coupons do influence my purchase decisions at stores and other businesses that provide them to their customers. I am more likely to purchase a product if there is a coupon available. However, if there is no coupon offered, I will still consider the price of an item or service if it is a necessity or if it seems like a good purchase. Occasionally, I will buy an item that I either do not need or should not purchase because I have a coupon. It is important to create a list and have a set budget, in order to make sure that you remain focused on the items that are essential to you. There are places such as department stores that I will not shop at unless there is a coupon available to help bring down the expensive prices.

I am not loyal to one specific brand or business; I am always in search of a good deal. I believe stores keep their customers returning because they allow him or her to save money when they checkout at the register. I cut out coupons from the Sunday paper every week and I will sign up for coupons to be sent to my email and mailing address. I also will seek out coupons on the internet. The advantage to clipping and printing coupons is the money you saving each week. It may not seem like a lot at first, but overtime your savings will steadily increase.

Couponing does not have to be for everyone, it depends on the individual’s perspective of the topic as well as other factors. For an example, if someone is wealthy, then he or she does not have to cut coupons because they have the funds to live within their means. It makes sense for me to use coupons since I am a college student on a strict budget looking to save money anyway I can. I do not go to the extreme when using coupons. I just enjoy knowing I have an opportunity to save on my total purchase each time I go to a grocery store or another business that accepts coupons. In today’s economy, many products and services are expensive and I do not believe it makes you any less of a person to participate in couponing. Besides, why pay full price for something that you can purchase at a lower price using a coupon?

Some individuals do not search, print, and cut out coupons due to the fact that he or she does not have the time to take out of their busy schedules. Sometimes, couponing can be time consuming because you have to find the ones you want then you have to cut them out. Not to mention, when it is a coupon you have to find that specific item or it may not work properly and that can be a time consumer too. For others, it may be that they are not organized enough and that could potentially pose a problem while one is shopping. As I stated in a previous paragraph, it is helpful to make a list of items you need, that way you do not feel the desire to purchase superfluous goods. Perhaps some people are just too tired from their long day at work or the individual may just not be into couponing and that is okay too. Then there are people who are possibly apprehensive of pulling out coupons in front of others for fear that he or she will be judged. I do not get embarrassed of using coupons since I do not know anyone at the stores I shop at and no one knows me; I am just there to shop and save! The bottom line is that coupons are a great tool to help with saving money each year.