Who doesn’t want to get more “bang for their buck”?  Coupons absolutely, positively have an impact on whether or not I may purchase something.  I look for coupons actively on a daily basis through applications on my mobile device, through online websites, through social media outlets, and in physical publications like magazines and newspapers.  I am a full-time student as well as a full-time employee and I have bills like everyone else in America so coupons just make my life easier.  I get enjoyment knowing that I am saving money because that money saved can then be turned into money I can put towards a luxury that I might want in the future.  The ability to save money by using coupons at grocery, department, and drug stores has helped me to be able to buy a new car and make monthly payments, maintain my credit by paying all my statements on time, and it has enhanced my personal life as well.  Sites like Groupon and Living Social have provided me with some great money saving coupons for restaurants and events in my area that I can enjoy with my family and friends.  The quality of life undoubtedly increases when coupons are available.

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When I am shopping, I always look for sales.  If I can save money or get more of a product for less I am all over it!  Looking for deals is a process that can be time consuming but in the end it is well worth the time spent.  Time is money!  Like an athlete, I get an adrenaline rush when I leave a store knowing I just saved a pretty large chunk of change and still got all the same products I set out so buy.  In today’s society it is becoming more common to see the same size products we normally buy shrink in size but increase in price.  That is something that I do not like to see and to counteract that, I use coupons.  My love of coupons came from my mother.  I can remember days when I was younger at my grandmother’s house with my family on a Sunday morning and clipping coupons from the newspaper at the kitchen table.  Of course when I was five or six, I did not understand the need for coupons—money grew on trees then!  I now look at my mother as a woman of great intelligence just trying to provide for my brother and I while saving money so we could do things we loved like play soccer, and get new bikes to ride.  Those memories are still in the back of my mind when I go shopping today.  I realize and understand the importance of saving money.

When I walk down an aisle in the supermarket I like to know all of my options.  I scope out what item I need to buy, look at sizes and quality for the price that is listed and then always consider whether or not I have a coupon for that item.  The possession or lack thereof of a coupon always impacts my decision on whether or not I will purchase that item that day.  If I have a coupon for an item of a brand I may not normally buy, I reconsider just to save money.  Many of those times that I bought an unusual brand just to use a coupon, I was happy with my decision and the quality of the product for the price I paid for it.  I have come to find that in the end, it is worth the time and diligent process to search for coupons.  At the end of a shopping experience at any store, if I used even just one coupon I feel successful and proud of my intelligent decision to save a buck or two to put towards other things I want in life.  That way after a long day I can look at my boyfriend and say “Hey, dinner’s on me tonight.”