I often hear stories of how people are broke in college. I never imaged it would happen to me. I have always tried to save a little money just too always have money but it always seems like my last $5 always slips from my hands no matter what. I remember how my mother would clip coupons from the Sunday paper and we would go to the store and use them to buy food and stuff. Now that I am in college I am thankful for coupons. In college you have to buy toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, paper towels, food and much more. You do not realize how much stuff you need until you are on your own. Coupons are a life saver. You can go to the store and your total could be $50 but coupons can bring that down too $25. I attend Texas State University and the closest store is HEB I’m not use to having an HEB. I’m use to Walmart. The good thing about HEB is that they have in store coupons. When I see those I always get them. They always seem to have coupons for the things that I need. Sometimes they have coupons for the things that I do not need but things that I want so even if I do not need it if I can get it for a cheaper price I will still buy it. Coupons are beneficial to me and they do affect my purchases. If I do not need something but I have a coupon for it I will buy it. If I need something but I do not have a coupon for it, I usually contemplate how long I can go without it before I will absolutely need it. I’m a penny pincher. I try to save when and how ever I can. College is expensive and then you need necessities just to live. Coupons will help you out. They help me save money, get what I want and need and help me get more quantities of what I need. Coupons play a huge roll in my purchases whether I’m a college student or not. If there is any way I can save money I will.

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