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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Jason W.

Shopping is an integral part to our everyday lives, whether it is for electronics, groceries, clothes, or any of life’s necessities. Whether purchases are small or large, money saved from each purchase can make a big difference in the long run. This brings us to the most obvious reason to use coupons and also the most useful, to save hard-earned cash. However, aside from this obvious reason, coupons can help spur creativity, keep a mind active, and ingrain market value into an individual’s memory.

Grocery shopping for the average person is typically a routine that follows an individual’s natural tendencies. This can lead to problems if the items purchased get a price increase and cause the individual to become boring since they always purchase the same products. Coupons can be used to alleviate this issue by spurring creativity in individuals that use them. Instead of going to the grocery store with a pre-set menu of ingredients, coupons can depict what the individual buys according to what is a bargain. The individual can then use those new ingredients that they don’t typically use and create something they never would have otherwise by looking for a recipe online once they get home. This concept does not apply to only cooking, but any hobby that requires a set group of “ingredients” such as carpentry, clothing styles, and even picking a different type of food at a restaurant. In other words, coupons help an individual become more diverse and thus, the ability to be more creative.

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Another way coupons can influence the lives of others is through keeping the mind active. Every coupon typically has a fine print on when and how it is to be used, but the fun really starts when individuals find coupons that can be used in combination with one another. The constant reading of fine print and discovery of stackable coupons is not only entertaining but requires critical thinking. There are extreme cases of this as well such as a TLC show, “Extreme Couponing”, which depicts individuals utilizing coupons to the point that they receive products for free or better yet, the grocery store pays the individual in addition to giving them products. Although this is not something that the typical person can do, stacking one or two coupons is not that difficult as long as one reads the fine print. This also leads to another important aspect that coupons can brush up on, market value.

Purchases are made everyday without the thought as to whether or not the purchase was a good value. The main reason for this is that the average person does not know the market value for the items that they are purchasing. Constantly looking at coupons helps people get an idea of market value from repetition. This is an interesting aspect of coupons since you do not have to actually use them to gain this benefit. Simply flipping through the paper looking at all the available coupons will help an individual get an idea of how much products are worth and in turn helps an individual make wiser shopping decisions.

These aforementioned reasons are great ones to start looking for coupons, but the main reason to use them cannot be ignored. As much as one would like to argue that money is not the most important thing in life, it is difficult to argue against the fact that it is necessary. Everything that someone uses in his or her daily lives was purchased with money at some point, regardless of whether or not the item was a gift. The use of coupons is an indirect way of increasing income.

For many, coupons are a hassle to use and look for. However, there are many different reasons to encourage such actions. Searching for coupons that can be used in conjunction with one another is a critical thinking exercise that keeps your mind active in addition to making products as cheap as possible. Constantly looking through coupons helps ingrain into an individual’s memory the market value of products, which is a practical skill to have in any circumstance. Finally, the use of coupons encourages individuals to purchase products that they normally would not have, diversifying their personalities and spurring creativity.

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