Coupons definitely influence my purchasing decisions. The most important factor to me buying any item is its price and coupons usually benefit me, the consumer. The most beneficial to the seller is that if a coupon is offered I am much more likely to buy more than one item. Often when shopping if I am getting a good deal or a significant amount off I will spend the extra money I now have on another item. Psychologically speaking, feeling as though money is being saved even if it really isn’t because one will go and buy other things, will encourage people to buy more and spend more time looking around for even better deals wherever they’re shopping. Sometimes coupons are not necessary or do not offer any benefits because the amount of money off is too small or the item is cheaper if combined with another in store item.

I personally see the importance of coupons because my mother would clip them before every big grocery store shopping trip. Although it seemed as though we were spending more time cutting coupons than getting deals the money that she saved was always significant and allowed us to buy more food for the house and spend less time down the line going the grocery store for missing items. As a college student today I see the benefits of it in my day to day life because I realize that coupons do not have to be limited to just items we find in grocery stores. Today I use coupons for cosmetics, clothing and even your occasional pizza here and there when I’m hungry and not feeling up to going to the store.

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Previously coupons seemed time consuming and even sometimes difficult to find but today thanks to technology we’re able to simply search for all types of unique coupons on Google and print them out. If this wasn’t already neat enough we’re able to actively search out coupons and load them on our phones and scan our phones at the checkout counters of many different retailers. The current flexibility of coupons makes them a priceless tool to any person’s life. The parents with a new baby, the parent shopping for school supplies, the college student looking for a quick meal or the teen looking for a great deal on a dress to wear to a party, coupons benefit all of the previously mentioned. The non-discriminatory use of coupons makes them priceless.

For those like myself who constantly need to penny pinch in order to use funds elsewhere coupons are a great way to get what you need without having to compromise somewhere else. A good coupon will make it so that once used an individual knows that they will still have what they need in their pocket to go and buy another good. Stores that allow doubling and tripling of coupons make coupons even more profitable to the person holding it. We see shows like “Extreme Couponing” taking center stage because people are truly benefiting from taking the time to cut coupons. It is important to note that most individuals do not nearly have the time to sit back and cut coupons all day or force their kids to cut coupons all day, however, the individuals we see on the show often times walk out of a store with carts full of items for almost free. While this isn’t the average results it goes to show that a good knowledge of coupons can and will save you money. A good knowledge of what a coupon means and where to use it will give good benefits to the consumer.

Overall I will continue using coupons because they really do truly help me survive college and my very limited budget. In order to see coupons continue to grow and be used I think many of them need to start being offered online in an electronic form. As technology continues to be improved upon so should the way coupons are used and found. A coupon application on my phone is a thousand times more useful than a social media application when I’m out shopping. Coupons are a true everyday life saver.