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Like many people in this society, I love to shop. I love it. But what do I love even more than shopping? I love getting a good deal. Who doesn’t love that? That is where coupons come in. When I shop coupons can heavily influence my purchasing decision… depending on where I’m shopping.

Let’s say that I am shopping at your average drug store. I need to get some toothpaste but I need one that is specifically for sensitive teeth. First, there are about ten different brands that I can choose from. Second, each brand varies in price. Third, why is sensitive toothpaste so much more expensive than regular toothpaste? If I do end up picking one of these sensitive toothpastes and it costs $6.95 for the tube, and I don’t have a coupon, I am not buying it. It is as simple as that.

In this scenario, a coupon completely influences my decision on whether or not I make a purchase. For me, paying $6.95 for toothpaste is unreasonable. Especially when I can buy another brand of toothpaste, maybe not for sensitive teeth, but it is less than half the price of the other, and I have a coupon! Even though the sensitive toothpaste is better for my teeth, I can afford the other toothpaste, as well as the other things I need from the drug store.

It isn’t just toothpaste though. There are many things that I want to have coupons for to buy. Toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and other things that I think tend to be a little overpriced that I would like to have a coupon for to buy. Those are things and times that coupons influence my purchasing decision. However, there are times when coupons do not influence my decision at all.

If I am clothing shopping, furniture shopping, or shopping for produce, coupons do not heavily influence my decision. When I shop for clothes, if I find a great deal, or something that I really need and I do not have a coupon, I will buy it anyway. I used to live in Flagstaff and I found a great winter coat for $50. It had insulation, a thermal layer, a wind breaker, a hood, and it was only $50. For a nice winter coat, $50 is a fairly good price. I didn’t have a coupon but I needed the coat, it was a good deal, so I bought it (this coat has also lasted me four years so far and it’s still in perfect condition… totally worth it).

For any savvy shopper coupons can make or break their purchase decision. I know for myself that I try and shop around for the best deals but if I think something is very expensive, or overpriced, and I don’t have some type of coupon or discount, I will not buy it. But, if I happen to find something that is a great price, and I have something for it that will save me more money, I’m definitely going to buy it! Saving money will be icing on the cake.