In my world, life is a struggle. Life means to use as minimum as possible in order to survive, it means not to expect the extravagant things. As a child I grew up with a single mother, who did everything necessary to get my three siblings and I everything we needed. It is a cliche to say that life was not easy; however, it is true. When my mom used coupons, I did feel ashamed because I knew we were poor. Now that I am an eighteen I do not feel ashamed and I completely understand why it is ok to use coupons. I did not value money as a child and I never knew how useful a piece of paper with a barcode could be.

Whenever I hear the mail man drop off the mail, I run to the mailbox to see if the weekly advertisements arrive. Excitement rushes through my body to see what sort of coupons will be in the ads, so then I raid through it looking for coupons that I could use for things that I need.

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Sometimes products can be over my budget, so I need to buy what is cheaper. If I have a coupon for an item it definitely influences my decisions when purchasing items. I would go for the better product and pay less with the coupon.

Every penny saved can be used for the next time I go shopping. When I use coupons it makes me feel better, knowing that I am saving money that I need in the future. I do not have boatloads of money to spend. Therefore, using coupons is the wisest thing I can do in order to save money. For example, when I shop I look for the cheapest item not the name brand because I have a budget to keep.

I am not a person who stresses over using every coupon that are in my possession. I would love to be like one of those people on the show Extreme Couponing and use coupons to save much more money. There are coupons for anything, food clothes, and many other products.

When I am in line getting ready to pay for my stuff, I do worry whether or not I have enough money to pay for everything that I need and if I am saving the most that I can by picking the cheapest items. If I had a coupon it would decrease my worries because I know that the final price will drop.The money I spend is spent carefully. The only time that I would be able to spend money freely would be when the money I spend is not mine. There is no doubt that I would twice to what the price is of what I put into the basket.

Coupons can be a hassle to deal with. You need to look for them through all the papers and sort them . Once you have found them and have them in the order you like, you must remember to bring them with you. Who would want to live a life where their shopping is controlled by what type of coupons they receive. Nonetheless, I will always live with the worry of spending too much while at the store for the rest of my life because of the person I am. I am a person who lives in the middle class. I am a person with little money in my hands. I am not rich nor will I ever be rich through money ways.

Coupons save me from spending too much. I have no idea how I would make it without using coupons. If it is percentages or dollars off an item, then it will save me money either way.

Coupons are completely necessary and are very helpful. The word coupon in my mind equals discount and there is not anything wrong with discounts. I do not regret using coupons because it decreases the amount of money I have to pay.