Do coupons influence my purchase decisions?  I used to think couponing was a waste of time; then I saw my mom sitting at the table one day cutting out coupons in the newspaper.  I asked “why are you even bothering with it”, and she said “money’s money, you have to save what you can!”  Me being a teenager I rubbed it off, and rolled my eyes thinking, whatever!  Then I went to the store with her.  No child likes going to the store with their parent to shop unless it’s for the child.  It was not for me, and I was so annoyed because she was taking her sweet ole time looking at the coupons, and saying “here hold these, don’t drop them!”   While she kept loading the buggy full of food, and home remedies I kept looking at the buggy thinking “how in the world are you saving money when you’re getting multiples of items!”  While I proceeded to speak my mind she finally looked at me and said “Just wait!”  Finally after the hour and a half at the store we got to check out!  I watched the lady ring up the items, and I made sure to watch the price of everything as she scanned each one.  While I watched the total go up I grinned thinking I was right, and my mom was wrong.  Then all of a sudden my mom handed the cashier her coupons.  You could see my face go down in defeat; while my mother grinned, because once again mom is always right.  I watched the total go from one hundred and sixty- dollars all the way down to forty-five dollars!  Forty-five dollars!!  I was astonished!  I never once thought that coupons could save a person that much money.  My moral to this story is that yes, I now use coupons when deciding on my purchase.

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I use coupons when deciding on my purchase, because I am now a college student and like my mother said before “money’s money, you have to save what you can.”  Being a college student, it is hard to keep money because what you do have most likely goes to your tuition, books, transportation, food, and etc.  So the money that I do have, I want it to be spent the right way.  Whether I am saving one dollar or a hundred dollars it is still money I am saving.  Money I may need in an emergency, or money I can use to have a fun night with friends.

Today everything has become so expensive that most people can’t afford food, soap, or clothes, and that is why couponing has become a part of me.  I use coupons anywhere possible.  My favorite place to coupon though would definitely have to be at Kohl’s!  Most of my family does couponing.  My cousin happens to be what I call “The Queen of couponing.”  We can go into Kohl’s and load up on cute clothes, and when we check out we usually save around two hundred dollars when we are done!  Two hundred dollars is a lot of money; I could use that money to pay my phone bill, plus my car insurance. Another great thing about couponing is that I can buy name brand items, and pay way less than the actual price.  For example, I bought Colgate Toothpaste for forty-two cents the other day.  No it wasn’t a travel size, it was the standard size tube.  So when I would normally have to pay around five dollars I only had to pay forty-two cents.  Couponing can really save a person money, and help those who need to save money like me.

Saving money is very hard these days.  We have so much to pay for with so little money.  Couponing is a great way to save not only for yourself but for your family as well.  So don’t ask your mother why she is couponing; instead ask her if you can coupon with her as well.  As my mother says “money is money, we have to save what we can.”