Personally coupons do influence my decisions when I go shopping anywhere I go because why would I want to waste money when I don’t have to.

To start off, coupons are everywhere, and mostly everything out there has a coupon that will lower down the original price. Coupons can come in the mail or companies will email you personally with coupons for their products. Coupons are so useful, sometimes they don’t just lower down the price but sometimes you will give you something for free, and who doesn’t love free stuff! Coupons influence what I buy because I’m not made out of money, I have a budget and I try to always get my bang from my buck and having a coupon to something, always saves me some money. Companies send coupons to people because the person have been a loyal customer or the company wants you to try their products and this is why we receive coupons all the time.

Some people say that there too embarrassed to use coupons in public, which is ridiculous in my point of view because coupons are basically meant to save you money or get a free item, not using coupons is embarrassing because why would you pay for something when you don’t have too? Coupons influence me very often because I always try to save as much as I can. Having a coupon will determine if I buy something sometimes because, if I’m short on money and I can’t afford a certain item, and I have a coupon that will lower the price to the amount of money I have, I would be able to buy it and I would be pretty exciting knowing that I was able to get the certain item I wanted without having to pay for the original price, thanks to coupons.

If I ever go to the mall I always ask an employee,  if I can use a coupon on top of the items that are on sale because the store is already having a major discount on their items and if I use my coupons that were mailed to me, I could be walking away with many items without having to waste as much money. Sometimes strangers over hear me asking the employee the question, “ If I could use my coupons on top of the sales price.”, and I can hear the strangers calling me “ cheap” or “ broke”, but I don’t care because if the employee says I am able to use my coupons on top discounted price I will use the coupon. I’m not only saving the money from the sale itself I’m also saving money from the coupon I’m about to use. I personally don’t think I’m being cheap, I personally call it being smart with my money because I don’t want to pay for something if I have an option, and coupons gives you the option if you want to save money or not, it just depends on you, if you want to use them.

Coupons won’t always lower down the price by twenty percent or fifth percent, sometimes the coupon will lower the price down by one hundred percent!!!! Coupons have the power to get you free items, most coupons that give you free items are usually meant for food, which isn’t a bad thing because your basically getting free food which is a fantastic thing. Now some people say that they wouldn’t dare to use a coupon on a date because that makes you look cheap, which isn’t the case, if you use a coupon you look like you know how to use your money wisely and with the money left over you could take your date to the movie or buy gas.

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Having to use a coupon won’t make you look cheap, because coupons are meant to save you money and if someone ever calls you cheap for using a coupon, just think to yourself and remember that your getting a certain item that originally coasted twenty dollars but you got it  for nine dollars because of a coupon and the other person is going to  spend the twenty dollars to get the exact item. You should feel proud knowing that you aren’t stupid and you know how to use your money wisely.

If I have a coupon for something I will use it as soon as possible because It feels good knowing that I got something at a lower price because I used a little piece of paper, it’s satisfying to know that companies basically give you a coupon to get something cheaper or free.