The question of whether or not coupons affect what I buy would have only one answer. It depends. Today we live in a world where no matter how much money we make, we’re still looking for that “good deal”. Nobody wants to pay full price for anything, myself included, and if that means using little pieces of papers cut out from the Sunday paper or online coupon codes you can find just about anywhere- then so help me used they will be. Now I said that it usually depends whether or not I will buy something if I have a coupon, what I meant by that is, for example when I want to buy things online like food or clothes and I log onto my go-to coupon code website and find a discount of 10% off or 15% off or even free shipping then I will use it. When I want to buy shoes at an actual store I will always use a coupon, hey its $15 off and even if it’s just the taxes that are taken off, it’s still money I’m saving.

Coupon codes, those are the coupons I use most often. They are basically what the name says, codes you can use as coupons when you make online purchases that will take off from 10% to 20% to even 50% of the original price. They are not only user friendly but also easier to use and way easy to find. Like regular paper coupons you can find them just about anywhere, you just have to look hard enough. If it’s for groceries however, I find though that I hardly use coupons and when I do, which is almost always never, it will be on things that are on mega, super-duper sale or if it’s a coupon that has that one magical four letter word: FREE. I don’t know what it is and you would assume that it should be the other way around (food is expensive!) but it’s not. I find it easier to use those online coupon codes when making online purchases rather than collecting those piles upon piles of coupons that are oh so hard to keep track of and then have to cut out them one by one. I also find that most coupons for food items are usually food a) I don’t eat or b) are way too expensive anyways with the help coupon.

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Now I feel like I must reiterate, in actuality, no, coupons do not affect what I buy. I buy whatever I want BUT I do like using coupon codes and the occasional, very occasional, coupons when I do buy something because it helps me save money. Even if it is a little bit of money, it’s still money that stays in my pocket. The coupons only help me save money off of items I’m going to buy anyways. That’s not to say though that I wouldn’t like to use coupons, no in fact I would like to use them because I have seen the power of coupons. They can make it so everything you “purchase” is free, when used in the correct way of course, and in this day and age who doesn’t want free things like food?

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So while coupons might not affect what I do and don’t buy they do help me out when I do decide to make purchases. They not only help me save money but they also make it a little easier to fork over the cash when I do buy something. I mean money is money and everyone loves saving money even if it’s only $5 or the taxes or even the shipping off of something. They make things easier not only for me but for anyone else around who also likes to save some of their earned cash. Coupons may not seem like it but they are magical little bits of money you can use. It’s free money that is at the tip of your hands and in all reality you’d have to be pretty rich or just not care enough not to use them.