When I’m out picking food at the store, I know I have a budget but coupon make it less painful. The budget I have to deal with, it’s called “life”.

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In life paying College tuition, a dorm, and books cost a lot really influencing my purchasing decisions. That why when I see a coupon, I’m like “thank god”; Thinking I just might have enough money to make it though this week. I know I’m not the only college kid that’s suffering but being a minority in my college makes it worst. There are less than one percent of Hispanics going to my school, so there is no one I can really go to and they would be able to understand my situation. I’m in a University where you think that whites have their own language other than just English. They have their southern accent that makes it seem like they are making up there own words. I would ask them where could I find the best store to get cheap food but they would said there are no Mexican stores around. There are those few that I can understand but trying to find the time to listen is hard because everyone is always busy with schoolwork.

When I saw that no one could help, I relied on what I learned from my family. I come from a family of seven children, so having enough food was hard and a challenge. You knew that finding a sale or coupon on a paper was both beneficial to the family and yourself. So in our house as a kid if you wanted books or shoes for school you would look though the paper or magazine to see if our parents would have enough to buy us those things. Seeing a big 60% off was like seeing a miracle in front of your eyes. Knowing that you could afford it for school was always a happy day. All of brothers and sisters knew that if we were going to do our best in school we needed to be prepared. Looking though papers and finding coupons sometimes become a part of life. It was a way of surviving our low-income life.

A note from us at I’m In:  We can help you save on books and magazines and save on shoes at I’m In!

Other thing I remember about using coupons was that there was never enough. Yes, we sometimes got things cheaper, but it would had made it a lot better if they also had it for bills. My dad had no help from family since he was on the other side of the country. The tools he needed were always used or really old, unless he was able to find sales or coupons to buy new one. You knew my dad had found a great coupon when you would see him with a new tool and not complaining about the cost. He would always tell us that if we looked enough we would find what we needed. My mother was the same way when it came to making food for the family. If everyone at the table saw mom offering a bigger portion of a serving size you knew she had found a good coupon. It’s been like this since my parents moved far from both California and Mexico where all our family is from.

Now that I’m in college thanks to both my hard work in school and family, I can see why coupon are put out in the world. They are there for those that need an extra hand like myself. I know one day in the near future I won’t have to rely on coupons anymore as well as my family because after I finish college and find a great job. I will be the ultimate coupon for them. Being able to come home to a family where all that was needed was hard work and some searching. So I hope that when you’ll are choosing a winner, you pick me, so that you’ll can be one of the coupon that helps me move forward. So then later I can do the same for my family.