Do coupons influence your purchasing decision? Why or why not? I believe that sometimes coupons do help in purchasing decisions. Coupons are a great way to get a discount on food items. They help save money on any event. I attempt to use coupons whenever I can.

I look for and save coupons because they might be useful in the near future. I collect some coupons to save on food. I eat out a lot with my boyfriend, being a college student on a budget can be very difficult. As a college student, I am always on the go, whether it is going from class to class or doing homework. Along the way I grab a few snacks on the go at the book store at my college and most of the stuff is expensive in the book store. So, that is when I use the coupons to save money.

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Some college students usually are full time students who work in order to try to pay for school and everything is expensive, from tuition to books. Coupons are a great help to college students. College students attempt to save money where ever they can. Sometimes there are barriers with coupons. Some barriers maybe judgment, people may find it cheap to use a coupon. Sometimes some store do not take coupons. Sometimes the coupon has expired and you forgot about it.

Sometimes coupons are not part of my purchasing routine because I forget them or I don’t have a coupon for that certain situation. Usually with coupons I use them for events and parties. At times I get lucky and use a coupon at the movies or to buy a burger, but it is rare. Sometimes I don’t have the coupon for that certain store or place.My boyfriend mom uses them to buy groceries and sometimes she gives them to me and boyfriend to go eat when we don’t have that much money. I mean come on it difficult finding coupons and to find a place to keep them. They clutter everything at times and I mean it great to save money and all but it’s difficult to organize coupons. Sometimes they get thrown away because they are so messy.
Coupons are an amazing and effective way to save money, but let’s be honest can we really use a coupon on a date? I wish couponing isn’t so frowned upon by society. People either think you’re smart for using a coupon or a “cheapskate.” That’s why many people don’t use them. It is not like we think they don’t exist. It’s just we don’t want to get judge. People want to preserve the image that they can afford everything. I think that’s great, but sometime sit okay to save. I like to save so, I use coupons.

I have no problem using a coupon on a date or if my date uses a coupon. I think coupons are a great idea and yes I forget to use them or I throw them away, but I do use them.

Thanks to coupons I have saved up money to pay my way into college. So, I encourage you to go get a coupon and use it. I encourage you to save money and don’t be afraid of getting judged for using a coupon. Coupons are our friends and they are wonderful. Save as much money as you can. That money will pay off in time. Use them for holidays and parties. I will use coupons for a Halloween party I am throwing for my friends.

Thanks to coupons as I have learned to save money and I can use that money to pay for college and purchase things, while saving money. If you like to shop I suggest you use coupons they are a good way to save money. Save your money with coupons they are very helpful.