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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-IJaiah B.

Couponing is one of the most valuable ways to save money, and can really become very addicting but rewarding. Depending upon the coupons you receive, you can easily become influenced and motivated to use coupons in your everyday life. It’s not so bad finding an easy way to stretch the dollar. Who would reject to saving money, even if it’s a small amount? No one. Couponing has eliminated the need to even step foot within a grocery store because couponers have their own mausoleums of couponing central. They contain enough stuff to survive an infinite amount of world wars, and the apocalypse.

Personally, I don’t go to the extremes of couponing like some do-no offense to those who do-, but I have ever so often saw some pretty wicked coupons on things I really needed, or wanted but wasn’t able to afford. Then the thought of actually being able to really save some serious cash flooded my mind. I can get many items for free or at least half the price it normally would be. And not to mention the enormous stockpile I’d form. Just imagine not having to continuously go to the store because you ran out of something. Save gas money, and makes your wallet happy. It also would make me more price-conscious, which also leads to more savings for moi! All those new products I would want, I could get them super cheap. I can imagine all the money I’d have to treat myself with on occasion.

The average couponer halves their grocery bill. Just imagine cutting that half into another half, and another. On the downside the influences of couponing can be very addicting and time consuming. A lot of the times the coupons are for highly processed food, which we have enough of already. That keeps me from using coupons at times. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up spending more money than saving some, so you have to be very coupon knowledgeable, and policy savvy. Hoarding a mass of coupons at an already busy checkout line will not only be embarrassing- not to mention the unhappy customers having to wait, the disapproving grunts, and the cashier may not even know the policies- but you’ll always gave to face the problem non-patient people.

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I don’t coupon much anymore, and I’d really like to start, but they need to make more healthy conscious coupons for those looking out for their wellbeing, and maybe then I’d actually try. As far as consumer coupons for household products, they are excellent. Also, they are very helpful to people who lead busy lifestyles and have little time to have to keep going out to stores. I feel like that would be a big help having a continuous supply of things that don’t consistently run out, especially families or people with children.

I also feel like couponing makes you look like a smart shopper with all your awesome bargains and saving. I will admit to being slightly embarrassed whipping out my coupons, but once I noticed the savings I was harboring, I didn’t care. Although couponing may come off as time consuming, if you plan it out right, make a schedule that suits your schedules and needs, everything should flow easily and go as planned.

Even though couponing is a very great way to save money, it’s not for everyone. Before even starting such a thing make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, know the policies for each store you go to, plan it out to save time and start off small. Expand when you get more comfortable. No matter what anyone tells you, couponing is one of the best habits you could get yourself into. It saves you a ton of money, less trips to the grocery stores, less crowds to have to deal with, and you won’t ever run out of anything if you continuously keep your supplies stocked.

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