Coupons are every college students’ best friend. Being a second year student at Oregon State University, I have learned a great deal about coupons and what a money saver they can be. As I have been preparing for this year to begin, the reality of the actual cost of living on my own has made a significant impact. My list of necessary purchases seems endless and each one has a cost that really adds up in the end. Everything from home furnishings to toiletries must be purchased and every penny really does count.

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Making each of these purchases has added a severe financial stress to attending college. This is what caused me to learn more about coupons and how they can relieve some of that stress. Through the summer, I began to prepare for shopping trips by searching for store or product coupons that pertained to what I was seeking. I looked through newspapers, online, etc. to try to find any discount. These finds were what really convinced me of how much money can be saved when we prepare for and use thoughtfulness when making purchases.

I firmly believe that this knowledge in the use of coupons influences my purchasing decisions every day. I am still the same frugal shopper I have been for most of my life, but now, with the help of the many sources of coupons, I am more frequently able to purchase what I need at affordable prices. When coupons are not available, I am also more apt to wait until the item goes on sale instead of paying the full price or consider switching brands.

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Though ninety percent of the time I am the shopper that waits on the sale, there are moments when exceptions are made. In instances where I am in a more timely need of something or when purchasing from stores where very minimal discounts are ever made, I will often make the purchase right away. These instances are pretty rare however.

Developing from the child who enjoyed cutting coupons for her mother in her past time to a woman who seeks out coupons herself, I am proud of all the money I have been able to save. While there are no coupons to discount my college education, coupons have helped to eliminate unnecessary spending in other avenues of my life so I am able to put more towards my future. I am proud to say that coupons do influence my purchasing decisions.