Sometimes coupons can effect what I purchase, I say this because I used to work at a grocery store and I would buy my lunch and get a million coupons but more than half the time they were for things I didn’t ever buy or even like. However, the few coupons I kept were only for something that I had to purchase within that week. I love to save money but if I’m buying something its probably under 4 dollars, like TV dinners or Mac and cheese. So coupons don’t normally do much good for me.

I do think it effects most others shopping experiences. Some people who would come through my line had 10 or more coupons and only bought half of them because it was on sale or had a coupon.

Just a note from us at I’m In: Heather mentioned that she oftentimes got coupons that weren’t relevant to her. ¬†We want to make sure that never happens to you! ¬†Search for your favorite stores and set a deal alert to have the savings delivered directly to you.