As a graduate school student who is not able to work because of the intensity and commitment to my full time graduate program, it is very important to me to save money. I am only awarded so much money from financial aid, and it is not always enough to cover both tuition and cost of living. Coupons are important to me, they have help me save money on the everyday items that I purchase, as well as for school supplies that I am in constant need of. I spend a lot of time researching store prices and looking for coupons everywhere before I leave to purchase my items. Finding the lowest price is my ultimate goal, which is why I search for coupons before I actually shop. It is nice to receive coupons in the mail or from a store that I normally shop at for actual items that I buy, I usually get coupons from a pet store where I get my cat food, or on ink supplies for my printer. I wouldn’t say that not having a coupon would deter me from making a purchase, I try not to spend a lot of money outside of the items that I need to purchase. If there is something that I need to buy, I will make every effort to find a coupon to use, but if there are none available, I will have to make that purchase any way. That being said, coupons for different brands of the items that I am planning on purchasing do influence my decisions. If there is something that I am looking for that is available from different brands, I will buy the brand that has the best price or the best coupon. I don’t need to have name brand items, and I will use a coupon to make that specific purchase. It is nice to get a good price on any item, and having coupons on top of good quality and good price is a huge deal. Having up to date coupons is an impressive task, I believe that access to real time coupons is very beneficial for us all. I have scoured the internet for coupons for a while now, and sometimes there are not recent coupons, or some that have expired and it is always disappointing when those coupons do not work. Becoming a member of a website that has recent, useable coupons is something that I am very interested in and seems to be able to help me save money. I like the idea of having access throughout the week for good deals. I also like digital coupons better than printed ones because it saves on paper waste. Having digital coups makes it easy to find and keep track of the coupons that you have. I used to try and keep a bunch of coupons in my purse and they tended to get lost, crumpled up, and I sometimes would forget where I put them or if I even had them. By having them online, in an email, or in an app on your phone seems like a very convenient way to have your coupons available at all times. Another nice feature of a website like is that if you are out shopping and find an item that you wish to purchase you are able to quickly go online with your phone and see if there are any coupons for the store you are in. It is a simple and easy way to find coupons for the things you use the most.  I will always be the person looking for deals and coupons because like everyone else, saving money is important to me. In a time when prices are increasing for everything around us having coupons can help me save a lot of money, buy having the online version of coupons helps save on paper, and helps me keep money in the bank that can be used for my graduate degree.

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