Coupons have a very minimal influence on whether or not I purchase certain goods. My view of coupons is not the general population’s view of them.

Society views coupons as a free line of credit. They obtain coupons and gain a sense of superiority to the company, whose product they are buying. The customer feels like they received a greater deal than the actual price of the device. Some coupon users fail to realize that, in the end, the company is still receiving the better end of the deal.

Everything companies do, is done with a certain strategy in mind. When initially placing a certain product on the market, companies are aware of the overall economy of their targeted audience. The economic standings of the targeted audience determines the initial price of the products being sold. Most consumers don’t understand that once a product is put on the market, it immediately begins to lose its value. Understanding this concept, companies would increase the actual cost of the product(s) before it even hits the market. They also put out advertisements that make the product seem like it’s more of a necessity than a desire. Companies will make it seem as if anyone not using their product, is not on the progressive track to innovation. By making potential consumers feel this way, companies are actually increasing their targeted audience. For example, a company’s target audience could have originally been high-end businesses, but because of the limitless ways of advertising, small businesses would feel like they have to use the product in order to be more like the originally targeted audience. By increasing the amount of potential consumers, companies increase the amount of revenue they have coming into their businesses.  Because of the raised prices, increase in potential consumers and their ability to advertise their products, companies will gain more profit.

Consumers try and use coupons to get a “better deal” on company services. Coupons actually aren’t the best way of getting the best deals. With the increased pricing on a company’s product, coupons just lower the price closer to the actual value of the product or service. Coupons also tend to have “fine print” contracts linked to them. Coupons are temporary fixes for long-term problems. Coupons have begun to give “better” incentives to those who use them. They allow consumers to receive a free pizza, given that they buy almost 20 pizzas. They provide customers with points to be used in accordance with the company’s reward system. This brings me to my greatest conclusion: Coupons are just bad credit. They allow consumers to get what they want in the present, without prepping them for what is to come in the future.

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The issue of people using coupons to buy products is that they are only thinking with the near future in mind. This mindset causes customers to disregard the difference between their wants and their needs. The mere mentioning of a coupon causes potential customers to move out of this complacent standing. The coupon is actually what causes each potential customer, to drop the ‘potential’ label. Coupons do not teach us about financial stability. They actually keep us from being stable financially. Having to use a coupons means you don’t have the ability to pay for the product without it. If you do have the means to buy the product, but still use coupons, what does that say about your desire for the product? It shows that to some extent, we are not willing to invest in a product. If you cannot invest fully in a product, there must be some reason as to why. No one would be willing to invest in something if they don’t have a full faith in the idea that they would be getting something back. If you have to use a coupon to get a certain product, it must not be that important to you. It just shows that one has a, “microwave spirit.” This is the idea that a person want something quick, fast and in a hurry. All the time, these aren’t the best products. It is nice to have coupons, but whether or not we get a product should not be dependent upon whether or not we have a coupon to suffice for the price.