Shopping today can be expensive. Depending on what you want, need, and where you’re buying it, it is always better to have a coupon in your pocket. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Time Is Money’? Well, I am the opposite. A little bit of time can save me a big chunk of cash. There are so many ways to receive them, it is unbelievable. From email, snail mail, smart phone apps, or just plain going on the websites. There are a mass quantity of websites that contain coupons as well. All you need is some internet connection, a printer, paper, and a little ink.

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I work in retail, and as an employee, I personally think, ‘These people don’t want to sign up for coupons? Are they crazy? Don’t they know they will be saving money?’ To me, this is just asinine. It really drives me crazy that someone would not want to help themselves. They could even donate the money they are saving to good causes! As a consumer, I am shocked as well. Unless someone is completely comfortable with their living situation, such as Bill Gates, then why in the world would anyone not want to save money. I can barely afford Top Ramen for dinner every night on my budget, how can some body drop $500 and not even care.

I will never be without my coupons. Just walking into a store, I can look at items I want, such as a brand new tent for camping. It is normally $120, but with that 15% off your total sporting goods purchase from Fred Meyer’s, it will actually be $102. That is a savings of $18. I can go to a movie, a date, dinner. So many options with that money I just saved.


When walking into the store, there are advertisements with coupons everywhere. The advancement of smart phones have made it possible for everyone to whip out their phone and show the cashier the bar code. Most of the time it can be scanned right off the phone. If you email a company, tell them how much you appreciate their product, and ask for coupons, they will send them straight to your house. It is a great option for those of us struggling to get by.


So the question is do coupons influence my decisions? Yes! Has anyone been in a craft store before? I would not ever buy one thing from any of them without a coupon. If a company can afford to give you 50% off items with a coupon, then they obviously are way over priced. The thought of paying full price for anything makes my skin crawl. These companies are making a mass amount of profit off of their consumers.


As far as I know, almost every store, if you sign up, will send you mailers with their advertisements. They want you to shop there. They want loyal customers at their door every morning. So signing up, means they will send you great deals in coupons and sales to help you get there. Besides that, if you don’t use them, one of two things will most certainly happen: they will stop sending them. (The computers are smart, they link to your name and show the system if you use them in connected to the bar code.) Or, you have just made a great paper pile to burn for a camp fire. Either way, it is one hundred percent worth the extra time and effort.


I am the type of person who finds coupons, gets mass quantities, and hands them out to shoppers in a store. I could care less if someone thinks I am crazy, because a lot of people appreciate the extra bucks in their pocket. I could have just put a plate of food on some one’s dinner table. The pride in that is unimaginable.


I will never stop carrying coupons around in my purse. It is my personal goal to save as much money as I can. A contest, a game. Everyone should get involved. It would make their wallets a bit fatter, and give all a personal satisfaction. So take the step, coupon today!