Coupons are amazing! They most definitely do influence my purchases; however, there are some things you have to buy and you can’t always wait until you luck out and get a coupon. I do the grocery shopping for my household and weeks that I have a budget having a coupon do definitely help. A lot of people don’t realize that they might not only be for the thirty percent off that it says on the front, sometimes there are other deals with it. For example if you have a coupon for thirty percent off pasta but the store has it on sale ten for ten you’re getting a heck of a deal. You really have to keep an eye out for deals like this, especially as a college student. Coupons help me stay on budget and can determine whether I buy something or not. As I stated at the beginning of my essay there are some times where you can’t sit and wait for a coupon for things you need. When I go to the store I love to have coupons for the necessities like meat, bread, milk, but sometimes I just can’t wait. In times like these coupons are great for the snacks! Snacks are a treat at my house because sometimes they just do not fit in my budget; coupons help us enjoy the yummy treats. Having a twelve year old brother with me at the grocery store definitely can be a pain in the butt, he wants this and that. Well with coupons sometimes he can get his way. He knows that with coupons or when things are on sale his chances are higher. I even got him learning how to coupon. Now I know I have had a lot to say about coupons but I am by no means an extreme couponer. As much as I wish I could be and as much as my dad probably wishes I could be I just do not have enough time. The ladies you see on the television are some real dedicated women. Couponing takes a lot of time to sit and make list and strategize. Although I do think couponing is cool I just could not keep up with those ladies. However, couponing is most likely going to be a big part of my future. I want to be a teacher, it’s my passion. Being a teacher makes me want to be a role model when people are watching and when they’re not. I want to shower my children with love and knowledge to make up for if they’re not getting it at home. They make me want to be the best I can be and change the lives of our future generations. I hope I touch the lives of some kids as my kindergarten teacher did me. I will never let my students go without supplies or food; I will be someone they can always count on. My nature is to mother and nurture everyone around me, and being a teacher lets me do that. My worst fear is that there are children out there without the things they need, without food, clothing, love, or a role model. I know love is free and so is nurturing and caring but in order to provide my students with what they need I am going to need some help. Teachers do not make a very high salary so coupons are going to definitely play a role in my shopping. These one-thousand dollars could save me a thousand dollars in the long run and that could be one-thousand dollars less I would be in debt. Thus that would be one-thousand dollars I could spend on my future students.

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