Many consumers’ desire is to save money when shopping. That is where coupons come in handy. Coupons have been money savers for many shop lovers. Stores and supermarkets are one main resource for human needs. Coupons are really essential in the supermarkets because they offer a lot of good specials. In my own personal experience I think coupons are essential. They have saved me a lot of money when going to the supermarket. When I see coupons they actually influence me to purchase its offers because most of the things is what I need and money is saved, which is one of my priorities: save money.

I don’t always consider using coupons when I go shopping or to the supermarket, but when I do I think and make calculations to see if it’s worth investing my money. Many stores send their offers to people’s house, and those offers include coupons. When I go over those offers the coupons are one main thing that catch my attention. They catch my attention really quick because the coupons offer what I need for my personal use. I might already have that product and don’t need it for the moment, but I know I might ran out and I will eventually need some. By the time I need it again that product won’t be on special anymore or the coupon might have expired by then . Since I look for saving money, I would consider buying that product and store it in my house.

Many people throw away coupons because they think they are useless. In cases that I’ve seen, people see the coupon, but since they don’t need the product offered, they throw it away. People take that action without taking into consideration that money can be saved and helped them economically. If they were to use the coupon they’d realize how much money can be saved and use the savings from the coupon, thrown away, in purchasing something else. That individual might not need the product for the moment, but they will need it over time. They can do as what I would do, use the coupon and buy the product, then store it till needed. For example, there was a coupon for toilet paper, I knew I had enough at home, but it was on special and by the time I ran out of it, it wouldn’t be on special anymore. Therefore I bought the toilet paper and stored it.

Thus, coupons give me second thoughts. I try staying healthy, but coupons aren’t really offered for fresh products because they are really essential and high in cost. Most of the products offered are shelf stable products. Shelf stable products are essential in my house, but not as much as fresh products are. Using more coupons when going shopping, might help me economically, but it means that my healthy food choices will change. Since we see that coupons offer shelf stable product that consist of most non healthy products, our food choices can change. Coupons influence my purchasing, but they shouldn’t influence me a lot because that can affect my health style. I see junkfood in coupons and I take it into consideration into buying it, but I don’t always buy it. If I were to buy it I’m just affecting my healthy choices little by little. When I’m using coupons, I don’t only take into consideration the money being saved, but I also take into consideration my health. My health is above my savings.

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Coupons inspire and motivate me to purchase. I’ve bought many things from them; therefore, saved a lot of money and invested it in something else. Coupons have helped me a lot economically, but they’ve  also affected my food choices. They’ve have affected my food choices in a way of not having fresh products in special. Overall I’ve considered my purchasing and coupons do influence my purchasing decisions.