Simply put, yes, they do. I believe that coupons can influence your purchasing decisions as they have for mine. There are many factors that go into shopping however. Every person is different, with a certain mindset and set of circumstances. So it is tough to put out a bold statement, but if I had to say, then I would say that coupons overall influence people when shopping.

I work at a grocery store, so I know firsthand what goes on in shopping. And grocery stores are the universal to everyone because everyone needs food. I know that there are different types of shoppers. There are those savvy shoppers that get the best deals possible and get the most out of their money, and there are the lazy shoppers who would never use a coupon or get a coupon book and buy things on sight. Typically they don’t have a list or any type of plan prior to entering a store. Prior to working at a grocery store I found myself being quite lazy, buying wants rather than needs, not getting any deals, or not using coupons. But since working at a grocery store, I have been a lot smarter with my shopping. I have widened my pallet of things I got and saved money in the process. This is ultra-important for me because as a full-time undergraduate student at Bucks County Community College, you have to budget your money. Tuition, Books, Transportation, Food all build up, especially while juggling a par-time job at a grocery store. Coupons are a great way to help you broaden your horizons and help make you a “smart” shopper. I bought brands, and types of food that I would not imagine doing in the first place. For example, I like sports drinks like Gatorade. There was a coupon however for 32oz. Power-Ade at nearly half the cost. I really do not have a preference, I like either or, so I went with the one with the better deal. I also have gravitated to buying store brands rather than big name brands. They cost less and I really cannot tell the difference in taste. I would not have done this if I did not use coupons. Coupons influenced me into buying different items but they have a better value. Aside from groceries, coupons also helped when it came to videogames, clothing, and books. I once got myself a 20% coupon at Khols if I ordered two shorts online. They weren’t some dinky gym shorts either. They were really nice khaki Ralph Lauren shorts. The shipping was also free as well.  I can surely say for myself that coupons have influenced my purchases and for the better if I say so myself. It has made me more conscious of what I buy and I am more pro-active in my thinking in what to buy. Coupons have turned me into a smarter shopper.

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Aside from my personal experience, I really do think that coupons influence your decision depending on your financial situation. If you are financially stable and it really does not affect you when you spend extra money on things because you did not take advantage of coupons, then I believe coupons will not influence your shopping choices as much as a person who needs to save money. If a person needs to be effective in saving all the money they can, then it is safe to assume that coupons will influence their decisions because they need to save all the money they can while getting the best value possible. It works for me as I have reaped the benefits by having more food in the fridge, more clothes to wear, more games to play, and more books to read.

In conclusion, coupons surely do influence the decisions you make. Whether it is in the grocery store, clothing department, or any miscellaneous entity, coupons definitely help make you a smarter shopper and do help influence the choices you make.