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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Franks C.

I was born into a coupon family.  I have always known that we get a Sunday paper because of the coupons.  I was raised on sales and scissors as we call the Sunday afternoon ritual of looking at sales papers and clipping coupons, in my house.  I can remember going shopping with my mother and her coupon bucket.  As I grew older, I remember often being impatient with my mother and the coupons.  To me it did not seem worth all the trouble or the time just for the coupons. I remember thinking of the impatient customers behind us in the shopping line, waiting for the grocery store checker to handle my mother’s handful of coupons.  Little did I know that my opinion would change as I grew older and began to purchase things that were important to me.

Yes that’s when I knew that coupons truly influenced my purchasing decisions, when I started to buy things for myself.  Going out to eat with friends, I would recall my mother having coupons that were buy one get one free at a restaurant.  And boy oh boy do those coupons come in handy when you have friends who always “forget their money.”  So I became the coupon queen of our group.  It was relatively easy since I already knew the sales and scissors method to get my own coupon system going.  Before making a fast food run, I would raid my mother’s car door compartment, her secret place for fast food coupons and deals.

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From fast food purchases I moved up to retail purchases.  There was no better feeling that walking into my favorite store with my friends and pulling out a coupon for a little something extra with my purchase.  I had paid close attention all those years under the tutorials of my mother so I knew to register for online deals, rewards programs and just plain old clipped coupons.  My borrowed from my momma motto, “if it’s free it’s for me.”  So then came some new purchases that begged for coupons, makeup and hair products.  I found myself raiding my mother’s coupon binder, prior to heading out to a drug store for mascara and mousse.  Yes, that once upset because we had to sit in a shopping cart waiting for my mother to sort out her coupons kid was now the person holding up the shopping line.  But, it’s all good, because I know the difference it makes when you can save a dollar or more. I know the importance of getting the most for your money and saving because I have experienced the difference first hand.

So while I don’t have my own coupon binder, box or folder yet, I am a believer.  I can do more with coupons than without them.  A coupon will decide which restaurant I will eat dinner with friends.  A coupon, a sale and a reward program will decide where I buy a dress or a pair of jeans.  Buy one get one free eye shadow is better than just buy one get one.  Coupons that arrive in the mail for my favorite store are like little birthday gifts that arrive all year long.  Yes I am a believer because I know that coupons influence what I buy and when I buy. In other words, if it’s on sale that’s a purchase I may consider.  If it’s on sale and I have a coupon, I am on my way to the store.  I also know that my coupon savings have rubbed off on my friends, because they see the savings and the ability coupons give to buy more with your money.

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